I was captured by the beauty of Africa as I read a book about Africa, its people, nature and cultures as I was 14 years old. Since then I have vowed: “I will definitely go to Africa!”. Two years later, I got to know Jesus better. My relationship with Him started to be more personal. I was introduced to the Holy Spirit and it was amazing. Then the dream to go to Africa became a more frequent conversation with God. »What will I do in Africa, what is my real reason for going there? It should be more than just travel and sightseeing.« At the time, I could not get any answer.

Gott wann 03

The opportunity!

Years later, I saw an opportunity to go to Africa as a volunteer. Everything was ready to be mailed when the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly. He reminded me of what I needed most in my current situation. Right then, waiting at the post office, I told HIM: »Okay then, before bringing me to Africa bring me first to a Christian place here in the Philippines where I can work and deepen my relationship with you.« The following day I was informed of a job vacancy in Manila. I sent my application, although I didn’t like the idea of living so far from home. But right away they told me that they passed it on to another organization as they had just hired someone already! Not even bothering to know the name of the organization or what they do, I travelled to Manila with just the address in hand.

Gott wann 04

From a distance I saw diapers hanging and heard babies crying! I almost backed off, but not wanting to waste the ten hours travel I went in to at least have a look. I then learned that they are a Christian Mission Organization. I just felt peace and started to work there.

His ways!

Throughout the years God has been faithful with His promises and has continuously worked within me. Doors were opened to visit countries in Europe, join outreaches in South East Asian countries and other regions in the Philippines but the desire to go to Africa just continued to grow. In 2016, hope and excitement were at a peak: A door was opened again for me to travel to Germany; this time to join the REVIVAL SCHOOL. I took it as preparation for my »African dream«. Three months before the school started excitement was quenched by indecision and wavering with my father passing away and complications concerning my visa application. But God is at work! My visa was released one day before my scheduled flight! I was happy and grateful but a bit lost as I was only given a 30 days visa with a one month extension instead of five! I couldn’t stay to finish the school semester. I felt sad and disappointed that Africa was not as close as I had thought. 

Back in the Philippines, God continued to work HIS plan and it’s always good! I never lost hope for Africa, nor did I stop talking about it with Him, most of the time seeking Him about what, how and when. But I learned to surrender my ideas and expectations about Africa to Him. I am grateful to the Holy Spirit for teaching me to relax in His presence as I continue to put my faith and hope in Him even in the midst of uncertainties and it's really good!

Finally! Africa and even miracles

In 2021, doors to Uganda were opened for the community in Germany. When I heard about the plans for short term outreaches in 2022 my heart jumped with joy. I asked God: »Is this the time?« I did not hear an audible »yes« from HIM, but staying in conversation with Him I had peace and took one step at a time. Special travel requirements for non-covid-vaccinated people felt like a threat creeping in, but HIS peace brought comfort and took the worries away. Finally in July 2022 I took my first step on African soil!

Gott wann 05

In the two weeks of my stay in Uganda, the Lord has allowed me to witness people being freed and delivered from demonic bondages. Healings took place everywhere. Shouts and dances of victory and joy were loud and bold. Oh, how the Holy Spirit moved, it was just beautiful!

Gott wann 07

Children are precious and it was a privilege for me to be greeted and smiled at, to spend time with them where they lived, worked and studied.

Gott wann 06

Excited for the things ahead

The Lord has started to answer my questions about Africa. At least for now I know where and what to stand for, until the Holy Spirit reveals more. I don’t know if I have to wait for another 32 years or if I will ever go back there at all. But I will continue my journey with my FATHER, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s leading. He put Africa in my heart and it's forever there. Now I have a more specific conversation with my FATHER about Africa and it is so good! All glory and praise to HIM.

Jeany M. Boteng
Staff of Father's House

HELP International Philippinen

Open doors - Africa Conference and outreaches

From June 8 - 11, 2023 we are hosting the Africa Conference in Lüdenscheid (Germany). God’s heart burns for Africa and the Africans, for they are a wonderful blessing to Europe and God has given our African brothers and sisters something that we Europeans desperately need. Find all information on the conference here.

After the conference we would love to take you to Africa, Europe and Asia. From June 30 to July 16, 2023 (for all 18 years and older). Furthermore, we have a special for all teens - we are doing a teenager outreaches from July 16 - August 4, 2023. Find all infos here.

Gott wann 08
„Our missions-conference will take place in Thailand this year. You should ask God, if you should join in and register, too.“ These lines really challenged me. My only thoughts were „Nothing will make me fly to Thailand. A long-way trip in the airplane and the conference will be in English, too. That’s too much for me to handle…“
I had two sleepless nights still, because I actually wanted to pray about it and ask God for guidance. Finally I could sleep peacefully once I decided NOT to go.

The tables turn

kathi 03

The very next morning after I had made my decision I entered my office to find an envelope with my name on it, but from an unknown source - inside I found 600€. In this moment I knew, God wanted me to go to Thailand. Even though I knew about God’s move, my fears didn’t disappear. So I started to trick myself by telling myself that the trip to Pattaya would be helpful to me to learn how to pray better for our new ministry in Thailand, which is just emerging.
Once I arrived in Pattaya I felt overwhelmed by the love of God I sensed for the people there. One night we went for an outreach to the notorious streets of the red light district. And I encountered them all: Prostitutes, their pimps and customers. But when I saw them, I didn’t recognize them by what they were doing, but all I could see were lost sons and daughters and I could feel how God desires us to tell them how much He is in love with them. And to tell them, that there is hope, and new life waiting for them… Actually to share with them that they are seen by God. A few minutes later I was praying with a beautiful young lady (in English 😊) who felt ugly, because she had to put on make-up. In that moment my only aim was her to experience that she is valuable and most beautiful in God’s eyes. Just because she is!

kathi 07  kathi 06

A New Calculation of Time

I am staff in the Kingdom Ministries of FCJG. Our staff gets encouraged to go for an outreach to to visit our international bases once a year to learn about life abroad and the highs and lows in the field. My thoughts about that had been like „Well, okay. I’ll do it some time.“
Now I am back from Thailand I learned how essentially important it is to visit our international branches and to ‚feel‘ personally, where our missionaries (my brothers and sisters) live and what their challenges are about. Literally this enables me to pray for them and stand with them differently.
It’s that case with our team in Thailand. Now, since I have walked the streets of Pattaya, I’m not praying any longer for things I know by hearing only. Now I pray from the bottom of my heart for Thailand and the ministry-leaders, because I could experience the challenging environment. For example that it is very important to pray for the men in our team, even more compare for the women. Men become truly objectified in Pattaya, too. I became aware of this because I witnessed it with my own eyes.
Today my calculation of time is named ‚before and after Thailand‘.

kathi 04  kathi 08

God has a Plan

I dien’t really get a ‚Word from God’ to travel to Thailand. Or maybe my fears just overshadowed His voice. But I went, because my team sensed it would be important to join and to go. Followed by this I received the needed money from all kinds of places. Today I know why it mattered to God for me to go to the conference in Thailand: Feeling how God’s heart is beating for a nation… changed my life tremendously!

Kathi 05
Katja Biederman
End of last year, I was planning this year's vacation and decided not to go on a normal holiday cruise but rather do an outreach. Yeah, an adventure trip to some place in this world. On HELP’s website, I found an outreach to Mongolia, however, there was a problem: the outreach should take four weeks. Just recently, a memo was going around in our company saying that we could take a maximum of three weeks of vacation at one time. The first week of the outreach was the Burning Hearts conference in Ulaanbaatar followed by a three-week-tour including a 38-hour-bus-ride to Ulgi, which is 1,600 km into the west. I sent an eMail to HELP Mongolia asking whether it was possible for me to only participate for three weeks in the outreach and thought to myself: It’s not going to work … Then the answer came: »… in case there are other outreach participants who cannot stay for four weeks either, we are considering to fly the team to Ulgi. Great that you want to go on outreach with us.«

Mongolei Einsatz 04

Wow, this answer reflected Joshua 1:9 so well – a verse that has come my way for quite a while: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
The same day I found a newspaper in the dining room of our company in which one of the headlines read: Should I stay or shoud l grow? I took a closer look and then found out it actually said: Should I stay or should I go NOW? To me, this was another confirmation.

Vision for Mission

In the end of January, I attended the Vision for Mission weekend in Lüdenscheid. An awesome weekend in the presence of the Holy Spirit that unveiled more details about the outreach. What I learnt tore me out of my comfort zone …
Flying from Germany to Ulaanbaatar alone, staying at the hotel alone, exploring the 1.5-million-metropolis alone without speaking a word of Mongolian or being able to read words, having to go from village to village by bus in Ulgi, sleeping on an air mattress in a ger (Mongolian tent) without running water. Honestly, I was done and wanted to cancel the outreach.

Mongolei Einsatz 06 Mongolei Einsatz 07

Right before that weekend, I asked Jesus where he was going, for I wanted to follow him. I saw a picture of Jesus in my mind’s eye. He was going from Germany to Ulaanbaatar and from there to Ulgi. Everywhere he went small yellow dots sprang up which formed a huge yellow patch in Ulgi. Well, was was about to do something in Mongolia.
When checking on HELP Germany’s website, I came across Anna Renner’s painting that matched my picture – well, hers was beautifully painted and had a poem - »Let us run«.

Mongolei Einsatz 03

Let us run

How exciting, I thought. That was exactly the picture I had and again I asked Jesus what I should do. I opened my English bible and came across Jeremiah 2:2, I remember the loyalty of your youth, your love as a bride, how you followed me in the wilderness, in a land not sown.
On top of this, there was this incident at the library ...

At the Library

My husband Ralf has gone to the library and looked for travel guides on Mongolia for me. We stood in front of some magazines and he said to me, »I have never ever seen a travel magazine on Mongolia.« The very moment, I opened one of the boxes, and looked at the front page of a magazine, which read Mongolia. »Look here … what did you just say? The table of contents says Mongolia’s West. Look, the west – Ulgi is in the west of Mongolia.« I opened the magazine, found the report and looked at a map of Bayan Ulgi with Ulgi right in the center. Goodness me … if that’s not God, then what should it be ...

Mongolei Einsatz 08


The shock went right through my body. Back home, I opened my mail and found a message from HELP:

»Dear Anja, the team in Mongolia has considered the outreach once more and thought about shorten its duration hoping and believing for more people to join who would also prefer to come for a shorter period of time. However, it hasn’t happened. Furthermore, while planning the outreach they found that it would be too difficult for individuals to shorten the outreach as the team is going to very remote areas. Therefore, the team has decided that it’s impossible to take someone along who cannot stay for the full period of time.«

Uih, how can this be? Now, that I am certain to go to Ulgi. This completely overthrows everything of how I know God speaks to me. I called my sister Martina after listening in the evening to a sermon on obedience.

Martina is so cool and simply said, »Well, quit your job if your boss doesn’t grant your four weeks of vacation.« Okay, I didn’t actually wanted to quit, however, after explaining my situation my supervisor said, »Good – I am going to make an exception.«

Mongolei Einsatz 10

Mongolia - here I come!

I went to book my flight. Goodness – only three seats left. My passport has expired, however, to book my flight I need a new one. With only three seats left, I simply couldn’t wait for four weeks until I finally got my new passport. I was panicking, however, in the end booking my flight was simple as that. When I am stressed, God says to me, »You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you.« (Isaiah 26:3) That’s it … I don’t want to panic and get stressed out. I want to fix my thoughts on HIM and trust in HIM, thus resting in his PERFECT PEACE – no matter the situation and circumstances.

There is one last doubt: I have never gone on outreach. His immediate response, »Until now you haven’t done any of this. As in my name and you will receive and your joy will be perfect.« (John 16:24)
And Acts 1:8, »When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive power. And you will be my witnesses – in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, in Samaria, even unto the ends of the earth.«

Anja Lange
At wirst glance some things seem impossible - for example hosting a missions-conference with 100 participants from seven different nations during a global pandemic. Just to get reminded by God, that to Him nothing, not anything, is impossible at all.

Nothing is impossible

Regarding our HELP International missions-conference this meant to believe, while we started organizing, that God would step in helping us overcome some impossibilities of international travels. In the weeks before the conference we saw a rising number of events occurring that displayed a handwriting of God‘: Just in time the Thai government implemented a program to enter its borders without quarantine, individual staff and whole teams of HELP International received donations for the journey, passports and visas were issued and a hotel reactivated several floors after they had been closed during the Covid pandemic. Such events, and many more, finally created an unusual sight in the center of Pattaya’s red-light district: Mongolians and Germany were hugging, missionaries from Austria welcomed Filipinos and Americans were enjoying the fellowship of Swiss - and that was only breakfast!

conference 06 conference 04 conference 07

God’s heart for the nations

During the seven days of the conference our focus was on the heart of God for the nations. The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully amongst us! He was highlighting the lifestyle of evangelism and many participants got re-ignited with fire and passion to share about Jesus in the streets. In another moment God connected the hearts of nations to one another: Because the Kingdom of God is a kingdom of different peoples and tongues - united in the heart of the Father.

conference 03  conference 09

There were days of various inputs, an outreach filled with intercession and evangelism in the streets of Pattaya, teachings, times of worship and a powerful reminder of the German inheritance in world missions. Form the Moravians and their town of Herrnhut once there emerged a movement of missionaries filled with the power of God that shook the world of its time. God’s heart is beating for nations in need, for the orphans and widows, for the broken-hearted - and the Heavenly Father himself is preparing the nations to get to know and to worship Jesus Christ as the risen Son of God.
It is a miracle in itself for our different nations to meet and gather for this conference in Pattaya, but the heart of God has revealed: He will to do way greater miracles to save nations! After this conference it was very clear to our FCJG & HELP-family that we will strive to stay involved so that the Kingdom of God can expand more and that people will hear the good news: God is love and his heart is beating for … YOU!

conference 08
My name is Michael - but everybody calls me Mille. In the year 2008, I came to Lüdenscheid in Germany to attend the REVIVAL SCHOOL. After graduating, I went for three years to Nagaland and helped setting up a ministry among poor and needy people. Two years ago I came back to Germany and have since worked as a male nurse. However, I know that working here is only a short-term vision, for my heart is burning for the nations and I sense that God is literally wanting me to go.

Mille 03

Presently, I am in the Philippines doing a three-months-internship at the Father's House in Manila. The Father's House is a mission branch of HELP Philippines. We are having 12 children in the Father's house, who either have come straight from the street with no parents anywhere, or children that come from difficult family backgrounds whose parents are not able to take care of them.

When dreams come true

I enjoy and have fun spending time with the children. As for me, a dream has come true that I have had since I was a teenger. I have always wanted to live and work with children. These kids are desperate for family, however, we as staff are limited in our ability to provide family for them. Therefore it's so wonderful that we may pass on the Father's love to them. »God has poured his love into our hearts. He did it through the Holy Spirit, whom he has given to us.« (Romans 5:5)

Mille 04

Out of Tondo

When I was little, I listened to a radio play entitled Out of Tondo. It's a true story of a streetboy from Tondo who had an encounter with Jesus which changed the whole course of his life to the best. Tondo is a part of Manila which is the poorest in this world. We went for a three-day-outreach. Suddenly, I found myself to be in the place that I heard about for the first time 30 years ago. We visited many places in this huge area and got to know so many wonderful people for whom we prayed and shared Jesus with.

Mille 07

However, may highlight in Tondo was meeting a group of kids from a small slum area at the harbour. I told them a story about God's love for them. When we prayed together, the kids asked Jesus to show them how precious they are in his eyes. I was deeply impacted and moved by that.

Next step

I have come to the Philippines to find out if God has a place for me in Manila. My greatest desire is that God shows me my place in life and that he uses me to share his love with people.

Mille 08
Seriously … would we have ever started HELP International ZOOM if it wasn't for Corona to suddenly creep in? Well, probably not. So far we have hosted three of these ZOOMs and it's fantastic to be connected to our friends and donors as well as with people fully unknown to us by this tool. During January's ZOOM with Walter Heidenreich, Corbet from South Africa tuned in. She didn't know us, we didn't know her and then she shared the following story:

Journey into the Unknown

»I had no clue there was HELP International, however, in November 2020 someone gave me a prophetic word about going to Mongolia. I really didn't know what to do with it. So I did some research and came across this movie about one of HELP International's missionaries to Mongolia (Journey into the Unknown). I watched it and then started to look for your website. Once on the site, I saw the HELP International ZOOM announcement and here I am.« So far, so good - but there is far more to the story ...



Walter encouraged us to open up for God's opportunities and to take advantage of these. This encouragement found open doors – no, open gates – with our new South African friend. Normaly she is visiting a local South African hospital to pray for the staff and the sick. However, in times of Corona there is no access. Nevertheless, she had the impression to call the hospital and to ask whether she and her team may come and pray for the staff and bring something nice for the sick. Immediately, she was put through to the CEO (which normaly is impossible) and she encountered a deeply moved lady on the other end of the line. When the CEO listened to what the caller wanted, she wept and said, »You are answer to our prayers. This is the final day of our fasting and prayer week. We have done that, because we don't know what to do anymore. Our staff is exhausted and the number of sick coming to the hospital is excruciatingly high ... and now you are calling. Yes, please come.« On the phone, the two pray with each other and talk about further steps.


»I am so grateful for the HELP International ZOOM. Most probably I would have never considered to call the hospital, but after this encouragement I sensed the Holy Spirit urging me to immediately call. Thank you so very much.«

By the way, Corbet is communicating back and forth with HELP Mongolia ...
Actually the outreach to Manila was announced long ago, but no one signed up for it. However, this changed immedately after Burning Hearts 2018 in Lüdenscheid. Suddenly registrations flooded in - in the end we even had to put a »stop« to these. In the end we were an international team: nine people from four nations - plus the Filipinos.

Naegel Koepfe 18

How to get to the mission field?

»We do not need to pray any longer »Lord, send me!« - for he has sent us already. Rather our prayer should be, »Lord, where shall I go?« The nations are waiting for you! When are you going?« After Walter Heidenreich made this altar call at Burning Hearts, people ran to the cross willing to surrender their lives to God in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus: Go into all the world and make disciples in all the nations ... (Matthew 28:19)
Among the 2,000 participants in the conference were some 100% determined to immediately get the hang of it. »There was power. I couldn't but run to the cross. Back home from the conference, I asked myself of how I should into practice what I said Yes to«, shared Harry. Suddenly he came across the Manila outreach. He talked things over with his family and employer and then saw miracle after miracle happening.

Naegel Koepfe 12

Werner & Karin knew that God wanted them to go to the nations in 2018. »We talked to our emplayers and colleagues and slamed open doors.« Well, actually their annual vacation was already over ... but God ... doors opened wide for them. In Werner's case, his colleagues collected their overtime and put them in his favour.

Leos and Jana are from the Czech Republic and were deeply impacted by thw power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit at the venue. The alter call was like an initial ignition, for their hearts have been burning for missions for a long time ... only they didn't know what to do with this fire.

Naegel Koepfe 08

Janika was so captivated by Jesus' love for the Filipinos. Her original plan was to do the outreach and then stay on for a couple of months in order to do Mission live. But then everything changed ...

Click here and watch the review of Burning Hearts 2018 or click to this link and watch indivisual sessions on God TV on demand.

»God, what are you doing with us?«

We asked this question on several occasions. Outreach started the first night - we went to a college. So many young people:
»I talked to a girl who wasn't really open. However, God had given me something for her thus I continued to talk. A young man joined our little group, stood there and listened. When he heard me speak about the Holy Spirit, he burst out with the question, »Do you know the Holy Spirit?« He had a thousand questions. They just bubbled out of him. That night he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and surrendered his life to Jesus. We were in awe ... such hunger for the Holy Spirit. It was so easy, so beautiful of how this young man as well as others gave their lives to Jesus.« (Ilona)

Naegel Koepfe 17

Two days later we set out for a mountain outreach. We went to a tribe that lives very primitively and disclosed. The people are poor, many are sick. It took us two hours by car, two hours of hiking up and down mountains, we walked through mud, climbed over trees and walked through troubled waters ... and then we finally arrived. What an adventure! When we entered the village, two little children came our way. Upon seeing us they started to cry and ran off. Never before have they seen white people ...

Naegel Koepfe 07

Like in the movies

»We had a powerful worship time in that village. The presence of the Holy Spirit settled in and we prayed for the people of Amipas that were around that afternoon. What God has done here, can only be seen in Christian documentaries. The Holy Spirit touched almost everyone. I prayed for a 40-year-old man who had a stroke and was since hemiplegic. Over the years, he has developed a technique to drag himself along by means of a cane or stick. Besides being hemiplegic, his hands and feet were bent inwards. Kuya F and I laid hands on him - we prayed for healing and a miracle ... And then we saw what seemed to be impossible: The man started to move his limbs. Strength flooded his body, he could lift his paralyzed arm and bring his inwardly bent hand and food into a normal position again. He walked without a stick, and was able to feely move his limbs ... and he said good-bye with a strong handshake. When I turned around on our way back, I saw him walking very fast - WITHOUT a stick.« (Harry)

The deaf hear, the lame walk

One week later in the park: We worshiped and it seemed that the Holy Spirit was hovering over the place. People were so open. Suddenly, Harry ran after a man who was walking on a cane ...
»This man had a broken ellbow in a cast. He was in pain. When praying for him, the pain left and in addition his damaged hearing got healed, too. Another elderly man was in pain and had arthrosis in his knees, and he also had a damaged hearing. Again, when we prayed the pain left and he could hear again. However, then I had this one special encounter: Since she was little, this woman was sitting in a wheelchare. Her legs compared to the size of her body seemed to be too small, too thin and powerless. To this day she never stood on her legs. Why? She didn't know ... It seemed to me that Jesus wanted to touch her as a testimony for others. I prayed several times over her and all the time she sensed that something changed in her. »Get up from your wheelchair.« She looked at me with bewilderment, but then she took a bold step out of her wheelchair. For the first time in her life she stood for 10 seconds on her own legs ...«

Naegel Koepfe 16

Outreach with Consequences

God is good - God is simply good - God is always good! So what shall we say? We could tell you testimonies on end of what God has done throughout this outreach ... However, the best part of this outreach is that six of the nine participants are taking steps to go to missions alongside the Holy Spirit to bring in the harvest:

Naegel Koepfe 14

During the outreach, we also went for three days to Tondo - the most conjested area of this world. Poverty, sickness and crime prevail here. This is no place that Europeans would choose for a living. »When walking through Tondo and seeing the needs of the people, we strongly sensed that his is holy ground. God has graved this place into our hearts and we will go back there.« Werner & Karin are getting ready to go to Manila and share with everybody where they go, what they are about to do and why they are doing this.

Naegel Koepfe 13

»Right from the start of the outreach, someone in Manila said to me: Janika, you should attend the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid. Well, that wasn't my plan. I wanted to do the outreach and then proceed with Mission live. I followed my plan, however, suddenly God clearly spoke to me about going to Lüdenscheid and doing the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move.« In the end of January, Janika packed her staff and departed from Manila at +25°C, arriving a couple of hours later in Germany at only -5°C. From the airport she went straight to the Wislade in Lüdenscheid ... and from here she will go to Mongolia, to the Philippines and to another nation in the beginning of May ...

Naegel Koepfe 21

Leos' and Jana's spouses and families are very good friends. They visit the same church, spend vacation and weekends together and they harbour the same passion to go to missions. Both families came for Burning Hearts 2018 to Lüdenscheid. Back in their homecountry, they quit their jobs and went on outreach. Unfortunately, they couldn't go as families, thus Leos and Jana were sent by them. In Manila, the mission fire was poked and their hearts were burning with love for the Philippines ... Now, they are looking for options to go to missions as families. Next steps are already in the making.

And Harry ... »I don't know which path God is leading me ... Since this outreach, God have become more alive for me. I experienced him as a loving, givin and real Father. I sense that he wants to make his kingdom visible here on earth. All glory and honour is unto Him. Thank you, Jesus.«

"Are you still sticking to your plans?“, we were asked recently. "Of course, because what God said hasn't changed!" What plans? What did God say?
Well, here’s the story ...


After years of drug addiction, violence, crime and jail, Eddi had an encounter with Jesus in his prison cell: "Give me your life, you should preach the gospel." Desiree met Jesus in the Wiedenhof and immediately realized: „It’s about for my WHOLE life, not just to get free of drugs!"


We are so thankful that we came to Jesus and the FCJG in the 90s. It was the time of the "Toronto Blessing", we experienced a lot of healing and liberation through the Holy Spirit. And it was also a time of mission. In the Wiedenhof we prayed for the outreaches in Mongolia, for the new HELP teams in Asia ... and we felt ready to go: "Lord, here I am, send me!" ... Yes, God is a God of Nations, and even then He put His heart into our hearts!

When dreams die ...

After doing the the Revival School it wasn't about Siberia, China or even just the Ruhr area, but ... Ludenscheid! "Eddi, I need you here as staff in the rehab Wiedenhof," said God. Desiree was able to discover and contribute her photographic, writing and design talents to the FCJG public relations.
We went through periods of character training, letting go of dreams, even letting them die, being founded deeper in God's love ... and suddenly, when we least expected it, God put Japan in our sight again.


Yes, we did a few outreaches there as Revival School staff. Every time we prayed that the students would form a long-term team for Japan. That didn't happen. And now: we?

Why Japan

Japan is not a country of obvious poverty like so many other Asian nations. But it is a country of heartbreaking loneliness, broken families, lack of prospects, horrendous suicide rates even among children and adolescents. In short: a country that needs the Savior.


In times of prayer and worship, often in the Prayer House for the Nations, God gives us share in his heartbeat of love and grace for that nation. And now we feel that it is time to start moving.

Learning by going

What does it look like? We recently moved from our 4-room apartment to two small attic rooms in the Prayer Mountain community house. A good step to prepare for Tokyo living conditions ;-) Living together is perhaps the best preparation for missions: we “grind each other”, grow and learn from each other.
For questions about visa, international health insurance, raising supporters, etc., we are extremely grateful for tips and help from the HELP Germany team here. None of this would be possible without them.

eddi und desiree jetzt

And finally: where better to prepare for missions than in a mission setting? Learning by going, so to speak ... Before we go to Japan in early 2022, we will be with the HELP team in Manila for one year from November. Yes, we did outreaches, but were never longer than 3 months in Asia. In one year you can simply learn more, deal with culture shock, be more deeply connected with our international family etc. Great that this is possible! We are looking forward to it!

Sure, no one knows exactly what will be in November. Are we throwing all these plans overboard? Nope!
“Stay focused!” Jesus said to us, because: “Unto ME has ben given all power in heaven and on earth. THEREFORE go to the ends of the earth and make disciples of all the nations…” That is the reason we stand and walk on and do not draw back.

Eddi & Desiree Fuhrmann
I want to run with Jesus … crossing my personal limits and go beyond national borders ...
After my exam as a nurse I asked God for the next step in my life. For a long time, India has been on my heart, so I decided to do an outreach after my exam. However, before going to India I wanted to go for three months as volunteer to HELP in Manila and work among children, for my vision is to serve street kids in India. Thus, I planned to go for three months to the Father's House in Manila and after for three weeks to India.

Lass uns laufen 04


I learnt a lot about missions during my time in the Father's House, and I also asked God to lead me into the next season. To my surprise, God spoke to me about Manila becoming my new home. I was really surprised and asked God again and again if this means he wants me to serve him in Manila for a longer period of time. Whenever I asked him, I had peace in my heart. But I really wanted to know for sure. Therefore, I asked God to confirm this important step through words from people, but I didn't talk to anyone about this. Two days later, the leaders of the Father's House asked me if I want to become staff. To me this was the confirmation that I asked for.

India is still on my heart, but seemingly God's ways are different from mine ...

Lass uns laufen 05  Lass uns laufen 08

Walking on Water

Ich darf lernen, Dinge, Freundschaften, Familie loszulassen und mich ganz abhängig von ihm zu machen. Während eines Gottesdienstes schenkte Gott mir ein ganz neues Bild von Mission. Mission bedeutet, voll Sehnsucht ihm hinterherzulaufen in das Erntefeld der Nationen.

Back in Germany, I miss the Philippines very much and I know, that this is the nation that God calls me to in this coming season. Right now I am getting ready to go - I want to follow Jesus walking on water. I am privileged to learn to let go of things, friendships, family and to totally depend on God alone. During one worship service, God showed me a picture that broadened my view about missions. Missions is to love Jesus and to pursuit him, to run after him into the harvest field of the nations.

Lass uns laufen 03

Picture and Poem

Alongside the picture, I also wrote a poem:

Let us run
Over the waters, into the unknown,
until the ends of the earth,
she follows HIM.

Wherever HE goes, she will follow,
close to HIM,
to be with HIM.

HE runs from city to city,
from country to country,
from nation to nation - she follows.

For without HIM she dosen´t want to be,
without HIM she can not be,
So she runs faster and faster
to reach and get hold of HIM.

What HE wants, she wants
Bringing nations to the Father
is her heart cry

Therefore, she runs faster and faster
and leaves footprints of love,
because it's love that makes her run

She is longing for HIM,
and never stops running.
Anna Renner

Lass uns laufen 06
Hi there, today we are writing from Pattaya (Thailand). We have gathered as international HELP family in this place. It's not easy to live as community that is spread over three continents and seven nations, therefore such gatherings are vitally important and so precious to us. Unfortunately, some could join. The Corona virus stopped them from travelling, but everybody is doing fine.

HELP in Pattaya 03

Why Pattaya?

Maybe you are asking why we are holding the HELP staff conferences in Pattaya? This place of obvious darkness and sin? Well, exactly that's the reason why ... we want to be a light in the darkness. With every time we have come to Pattaya, more and more light has captured this city. So much has changed for the better. The light of God's love is piercing the darkness ... more and more and more. Besides gatherings, meetings, many talks and great fellowship, we are also going to the street.

HELP in Pattaya 04

Piercing the darkness

Beach Road is buzzing with people - locals and foreigners scrimmage. Within minutes a good crowd of people of all walks of life is surrounding us while we worship. Some are drunk or high on drugs. Others are curious to know what we are doing, they get their mobile phones and take videos - even the police does. Again others are deeply moved and watch with tears in their eyes. One of us spontaneously preaches the gospel of the kingdom of God. Three men give their lives to Jesus right there and then ... We split in small teams to pray with and talk to people while walking the road. A the end of this outreach 13 people have given their lives to Jesus.

HELP in Pattaya 05

What now? A new house!

We are thrilled and excited about these 13 people. However ... what comes next? We want to open a house in Pattaya where ...
– we live as community and do outreaches on a regular basis,
we take in people to live with us and walk alongside them while starting a new life with Jesus,
– the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move (RSotM) finds a home.

Our team in Thailand is emphasizing these goals and wants to buy a house which costs 150,000 EUR. It has 12 rooms and six bathrooms - enough space to live as community and take people in. If you want to support us in purchasing this house, you are welcome to do so here - purpose: House in Pattaya

HELP in Pattaya 06

Wanna join us in Thailand?

However, most of all we continue to go to Pattaya for outreaches so that the light of the love and power God becomes brighter and brighter. You may join us this year - from Nov. 3 - 20, 2020, we are doing a HELP outreach to Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya). Please note: We can only accept a limited number of participants.

HELP in Thailand 07

In only a couple of days, everyone is travelling back home - each to the nation he lives. Thank you very much for standing with us and sharing in our mission in Germany and the nations. God bless you!

Much love from the HELP Team
It was no other but Jesus who said to us, his disciples, »Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. You have received freely, so give freely.« (Matth. 10:8)

Because of those who went

Since 1994 we have a permanent ministry in Mongolia - HELP Mongolia - and to this day over 1,300 missionaries have gone with us to this beautiful country. They crisscrossed it from the north to the south and from the west to the east - by foot, on wild car rides, by bicycle. While walking the land they prayed and worshiped, preached the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and saw signs and miracles happening ... Acts live! People got saved, healed and delivered. They gave what they had received ... and there were quite some funny incidents, too. Some of them stayed long-term. Because of those who went, the Mongolians embraced the full Gospel and have become uncompromising disciples after whom the same signs and miracles follow ...

Nachfolge 03


... is one of these uncompromising disciples. Today he is on the national leadership of HELP Mongolia ... however, it was not always like that. Most of the time, his family saw him drunk and roaming about. He was at the fringe of being taking to the psychiatric clinic, because he had hallucinations and heard voiced that actually made him roam about. One day he came to an ordinary worship service and had this one encounter with Jesus - he got soaked in the love of God. Oogii came to live with us, and within a very short time he was set free from his addiction and bondange and is since following after Jesus ... Following Jesus makes an impact: signs, miracles, healing, raising of the dead ...


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