We are an international team. There are Filipinos, Swiss and Germans. Something we are truly excited about is this - our local Filipino staff who are all a fruit of our ministry. Some have gone through the Set Fee Center rehab program, others are former street kids and lived with us at the Father's House ... May we introduce to you ...

JonathanJonathan Pieren

After Jonathan graduated from the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid, he and his family served as missionaries in Uganda for a couple of years. In 2006, the family - Jonathan & Dori and their three children - went to Manila in order to work at the Set Free Center (rehab of HELP Philippines). After a couple of years being a co-worker, Jonathan took on the leadership of the Set Free Center. Two years ago, he was appointed as senior leader of HELP Philippines. Since he has passionately ›enlarged the ropes of the tent‹ of the ministry in order to reach even more people with the saving grace and love of Jesus. Furthermore, he together with a small team is leading the REVIVAL SCHOOL Philippines. It's his heart's desire that young people experience healthy discipleship and walk in Jesus' footsteps; he and his team are training young people and help them to enter into their God-given destiny.

ManuelManuel Tobias

Manuel was installed as the leader the Set Free Center in 2016. He is a fruit of this ministry; therefore has the heart and passion to bring freedom to many more bound by drugs. He and his wife Ellen have 3 children and 1 granddaughter.

Jayar Lilibeth GuevarraJayar & Lilibeth Guevarra

Jayar and Lilibeth received Jesus and a brand new life as teenagers in the streets of Manila. They have been leading the Father's House since 2014. With this background, they are perfect parents for the children. Together with their two children, they make the Father’s House a home filled with life, laughter and the Father’s love.

DoriDori Pieren

Dori, the wife of Jonathan Pieren has lost her heart to the lost and needy of Metro Manila. Whenever she can find the time from being a busy hands-on mom to three teenagers, she loves to go on street outreaches and home visits with the City Mission to share the love of Jesus and bring hope to the hopeless.

RuelRuel Dela Cruz

Ruel is also a fruit of the Set Free Center. He loves to worship Jesus. With this gift, he easily brings his passion for worship into the hi-ways and bi-ways of Metro Manila thereby bringing light into the dark places. His hunger for the word of God makes him a natural evangelist. He has received so much, thus he has much to give ... which he does in the City Mission outreaches as well as one of the co-workers of the REVIVAL SCHOOL Philippines. Due to this deep gratefulness for his new life in Jesus, his love for worship and for the word of God as well as his heart that is going out to the lost, he is very effective in passing on what lives within him anyway. He and his wife Jackylou have three children.

MadeleineMadeleine Syring

is a fruit of the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid. Madeleine left her country in 2014 to answer God’s call to mission in the Philippines. She is a staff in the Father’s House and an important addition to the REVIVAL SCHOOL Philippines team as she loves to share her radical lifestyle in her walk with Jesus.

David Jeannine SpechtDavid & Jeannine Specht

Originally the Specht family comes from Switzerland. They also graduated from the REVIVAL SCHOOL Lüdenscheid which they attended  because of God's call on their lives to go to the Philippines longterm ... thus they came to Manila in 2009. They live in the Youth House with their two daughters and a lot of teenagers. They love children and teenagers and that’s why they are happy to live in the Youth House with the teenagers who were once children of the Father’s House. David is a great administrator for HELP Philippines while Jeannine is the contact person for volunteer and outreach applications.
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