»Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find,
knock and the door will be opened to you.«

The Bible in Matthew 7:7 (NIV)

Your prayer matters

It's Jesus himself who said these words encouraging us to pray. He is making it so easy for us. Shouldn't we upon his word make a stand and through our prayers make a difference in this world? Perhaps you are not in the position of going to missions right now, however, you can do your part so that the Great Commission gets fulfilled: by your prayers! Whether in our chamber all alone at home or together with others, we are always able to change by our prayers situations, people's lives, cities and even nations. Your time investment and your prayers have the capacity to change this world.

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Pray with us!

Right now we are having teams and ministries in seven nations plus our headquarter in Lüdenscheid ... however, there still so many more nations where the Gospel needs to be preached. Your prayers are invaluable for God's kingdom. We know from experience that prayer can do so much: it brings forth conversions of people, healing, deliverance, expansion, favour, new workers for God's harvest fields, it releases finances, permissions ... we could go on with listing lots more.

It's so simple

You may specifically pray for one of our ministries in the nations metioned below or pray for these nations in general. If you click on our website to Ministries, you find all kinds of important information which gives you lots to pray. However, you may also get in touch with our teams in the nations and ask for more specific prayer requests. It is so simple ... and you are sharing in the biggest harvest of this world - the harvest of souls - right where you are.

I want to pray for your teams and ministries in ...

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