»Mission is gratefulness for Calvary!«

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke (CfaN)

Ourteaches are a vitally important part of mission, for: The gospel of the kingdom of God must be preached ... everywhere - to the ends of the earth! That's what we do and we are happy to take you along.

We are going to the poor in slums, to the hopeless on the streets, to the lonely and those no-one is taking care of. We worship Jesus on the streets and sow the wonderful love of God in the nations. However, we also preach the gospel - on the streets, in prisons or we talk to people one-on-one and share Jesus with them. So many don't know Him. Your testimony has power! When talking about power ... we believe in the power of God working and moving today. Thus, we heal the sick, cast out demons and lead captives into freedom, for the Spirit of the Lord is upon YOU - see Isaiah 61!

Einsaetze 10

Following you find a variety of options for doing outreaches with us:

Africa & Europe 2023

AFRICA Conference - outreach preparation at the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany - and your next stop: the nations! As teams we will go to Africa and Europe for a period of approx. 16 days, to preach the gospel to people. Find infos here!

Teenie Outreaches - God.venture

We also take youn people to the nations ... You are not too young! Find infos about God.venture here!

Mission Live

If you want to experience genuine mission life and have time between six weeks and 11 months, then this is for you! Find all infos here!

international Outreaches

Outreaches are alwaysa a blessing and they are always the first steps to missions. We take you along! Infos and dates for our international outreaches to the HELP bases will be available in January 2023!

We also prepare you for your outreach. Depending on the the lenght of your outreach, you will spend between one weekend up to two weeks in Lüdenscheid ... and then off you go!

Welcome to God's harvest field in the nations!

the HELP Team

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