»Mission is gratefulnss for Calvary!«

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke (CfaN)

Mission is Movement

You carry a powerful message inside - the message of the cross! The Great Commission (Matthew 28) is Jesus' commandment to you and us to literally go into all the nations and to make disciples. Is that too big? Too challenging? Here is good news for you: Everyone who gets saved immediately becomes a missionary - right there where you live. This is part of your divine job description. We want to invite you to go with us to the nations - to do an outreach or Mission live or even long-term as a permanent missionary. Our teams in Austria, Thailand, Mongolia, the Philippines and the USA will welcome you ... and after an outreach you will not be the same anymore.

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Missions is a lifestyle

We live, work, do outreaches, laugh and sometimes cry together. Our emphazis is to build relationships and not primarily focus on ministry and work. Jesus said that the world will acknowledge us because of the love we have for each other. If the people of this world actually see how we treat each other and live together in harmony, it's like a magnet and this love will pave the path to their hearts - no matter what nation they are from.

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The first Christians in the book of Acts are our example. Just as they, we also live together in big communities or in small units. Western and local missionaries share their lives and learn from each other. Of course, sometimes we experience culture clashes which reveals the way we truly are ... this gives you an opportunity to literally do and live what the bible tells.
We have decided to live a lifestyle of love, humility, transparency, forgiveness and service out of love for God and for one another. Our houses are open to anyone. In the same way we open our hearts to people of all walks of life. We are family - where people experience discipleship and become spiritually mature before God and man.

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Get involved!

If you say, »I want to get involved!«, you will find a variety of opportunities on the following pages. You can do one of the Outreaches 2019, which last between three to four weeks and are therefore ideal for students, trainees or employees.

However, if you have more time - between four weeks to 11 months - you can do Mission live: You live with us, get to know us and our everyday life, do outreaches to the streets, to cities, slums and villages with us, you cross rivers or climb mountains to reach people with the Gospel.
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