Since first having set foot on Japan in 2010 - and after that over and over in short-term outreaches - we have constantly felt that God wants to do something among the young generation, that He wants to pour out his Spirit and bring in a might harvest of souls. For this reason, we are going into that nations with prayer and worship, especially to the hotspots where young people gather. We sense that this is a God-track and will continue to go there ... especially by sharing what God has given each of us and what He has done in our lives. Jesus has set so many of us free from drugs and other bondage and given us new life. This message that He makes everything new is so vitally important in this place, for so many are stuck in drugs and other addictions, are struggling with suicide, depression, etc. Japan's young generation gets severly attacked in these areas, however, at the same time they are so much on God's heart!

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Gather Together

Throughout our many outreaches, we have connecte to many groups in the body of Christ. We sense that this is God's time to gather and to help the body of Christ to access the presence, the power of the Holy Spirt and apostolic teaching. There is so much hunger and so much the Holy Spirit wants to do in Japan.

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Our desire is to especially mobilize young people to do outreaches to Japan - young people from Europe as well as from Asia. Furthermore, we want to mobilize Japanese Christians to go to missions. We are seeking ways to do missions trainings with teaching sessions, etc. in order to invest into the Japanese Christians.

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Eddi rundEddi Fuhrmann
In the 90s, Eddi came to Lüdenscheid - straight from prison. Drugs and criminality brought him there. While there, Jesus encountered him and he decided to put all eggs into one baske and go for therapy ... did he have anything to lose? Nothing - but he gained everything! After therapy, aftercare, job, etc., Eddi came as student to the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany. The missions spark was ignited, however, it took a couple more years before he went to missions. He used those years to let God equip him. Today, Eddi is the leader of HELP-FCJG Vienna, and together with his wife Désirée he goes to Japan on a regular basis aiming to preach and to serve the body of Christ.

Desiree rundDésirée Fuhrmann
Luxembourg is very small ... but Désirée was longing for more. She wanted to get out and live ... and ended up in drugs and everything along the way. Was there still hope for true life or should she give up? Family and friends prayed and those prayers were answered: Désirée decided to go for therapy to House Wiedenhof and gave her life to Jesus. She, too, came as a student to the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany after her therapy and aftercare. Asia has always had a place in her heart ... and in 2010, God opened the door to Japan. After a number of outreaches she (and Eddi) decided: We want to invest into Japan!

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