My name is Salome and this is my story … Before I was even one year old, I already sat in the first airplane, heading off to Mongolia for a three-month-outreach.

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A country that was at that time undeveloped, hygienically suspicious, and for a small child like me rather unsafe. Who would have thought that only two years later my parents and I would be sitting in an airplane again with nothing but a one-way-ticket to Mongolia? In winter 1998 at -43°C we arrived in Ulaanbaatar (the capital of Mongolia). I had the privilege to grow up as a missionary child.

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»Lord, here I am, send me!«

Already as a child I was decided to follow Jesus and was baptized at the age of sic. For me it was clear: I will go to mssions one day! A normal life, in the sense of getting married, buying a house and having children was not an option for me. One question I kept asking God was: »Why do I have to go to school?« I had heard a story of a man who was used by God in mighty ways without being able to read nor write. I was convinced that God could use me without me graduating school. I am still convinced that God is not dependent on our skills and knowledge ... Hallelujah!

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The feeling of having to wait for so long, even though there was this deep desire to go to missions made me frustrated. I was determined to follow Jesus but especially during my teenager years this decision was tested. Yes, I wanted to follow Jesus, but on the other side the world seemed to have more adventure to offer.

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Jesus or the world?

After finishing high school in Mongolia, I went to Switzerland to get a high school degree that is accepted in Europe. So I moved to Switzerland at the age of 16 without my parents and my younger sister. A complete new life started - new friends, new culture, new school system. I felt like a complete foreigner in my own country. Where was God in all of this? Had he left me as well?

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I started asking myself if God really existed or if it was just a nice fairytale my parents had told me? I was pulled back and forth. I knew I had heard the voice of God as a child, however, I was now standing in front of making a  decision: Jesus or the World? How was I supposed to know if Jesus was really alive and the only true God if I never tried out anything else? I started going my own way, started drinking alcohol, smoking and going to parties with friends. There was such an emptiness in me. I tried to fill it but fact was that it got worse and worse. I had lost hope and all vision, but I didn’t want to come running back to Jesus only because I didn’t feel well. No, I couldn’t continue the way I was living with one foot in the world and trying to believe in Jesus.

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I decided that I didn’t want anything to do with Jesus anymore, at least I thought so. I decided to tell my parents my decision after Christmas (2013), since I didn’t want to ruin the peaceful Christmas time. However, it never came to that point. During the Christmas service at church I encountered God and he gave me such a deep peace. I knew that God was not a fairytale but that he was real and that I wanted to follow him radically and without compromise. Jesus gave me new life, life that only he can give, life that comes from the inside out.

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»Never say never again!«

A year later I came to Lüdenscheid to join the Revival School. My plan was to stay for three month, however, I ended up staying two years. During that time God started speaking about nations and missions again. At a certain point the Holy Spirit asked me: »Salome, do you really believe that I have called you to go the nations or is it just a phrase for you?« I had to admitted that I didn’t really have faith that I would ever go to missiona, it all felt so far away. I told God my issue and was able to experience how he changed my heart. Today I can say full of faith that I know that God has called me to go to the nations, to bring hope to those who have no hope, to be a light in the darkest places of this earth.

Yes, you and I are called to go to the ends of the earth. We are called to be people who bring hope. We are the hands and feet of Jesus to a hungry and broken world.

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During my time at the Revival School, God stared speaking about Thailand, a place I never wanted to go. But God gave me a heart and love for the Thai people. Right now, I am still in Germany. I have started studying »Social Work«, something I never would have chosen to do. »Never say never again«, because when God comes into your life, he turns our planes and ideas upside down. My focus hasn’t changed, I see this time as a time of preparation to go to Thailand.
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