»After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count,
from every nation, tribe, people and language ...«

The Bible in Revelation 7:9 (NIV)
We are on all levels an international community displaying a wonderful diversity in life, gifts and callings. However, we are unified by a mutual vision: To make known the name of Jesus throughout the earth, to proclaim the kingdom of God in power and demonstrate it everywhere. Our vision is based on some pillars which are the common foundation of anything we are doing and who we are.

Vision 03

Sharing our lives & Discipleship

Our biblical example are the first Christians in the books of Acts. We are living together in big and small communities. Western and local missionaries are sharing their lives. All of us have one thing in common: The desire to live a lifestyle of love, humility, transparency, forgiveness and servanthood in dedication to God and to one another. And we are having open houses and hearts to peple of all walks of life and nationality. We are family in the first place and not workers; we are an organism and not primarily an organization. We are a movement; and we are aiming to disciple people, to lead them into spiritual maturity, to train them to take responsibility and to demonstrate the kingdom of God in all areas of society.

Vision 10

Worship & Prayer

Prophetic worship and prayers that are inspired by the Holy Spirit bring heaven to earth. The kingdom of God is visibly spreaking in power here on earth. God has given us authority to rule and reign with him in the Spirit through worship and prayer. Thus regions, cities, districts, situations, families and individuals can be transformed. We see this happening over and over again!

Vision 09

Training of leaders

We believe in people, love to invest into them and want to see them released to live in God's dimenion of life ... not by human methods but by his ways. What is impossible with man is only possible by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised to baptize us with this power. We are commissioned to equip people who are living with us with the Holy Spirit and his power, that they become bold witnesses of Jesus by walking in God's opportunities. Through that the kingdom of God, his love and power will become visible throughout the nations! Mainly this is happening by discipleship training, biblical teaching, excercising the gifts of the Spirit and through evangelisam; to acknowledge who I am in Jesus and most of all who Jesus is for me. We are not striving for theory and teaching methods but to live in relationship to Jesus and to experience the dimension of God's kingdom day-to-day.

Vision 12


What happened at the cross of Calvary is the linchpin of human history and the most wonderful news of all times: Jesus carried all sin and suffering of this world and opened the door to eternal life! He commissioned his disciples to take the Gospel unto the ends of this earth. We are so grateful that we have been part of a mission movement for more than 20 years, taking God's love in word and deed into presently seven nations ... no matter if to young or old, to Asians or Westeners, to the rich or the poor, to students or the homeless. God wants to encounter people through us, and therefore we are followwing hs commission and do what he has told us to do. In our international communities we are training people to immediatly do what they have learnt. Thus drug addicts, street kids and people in need get practical help. God is not far but he comes very close and we can experience him! He heals, saves and sets us free!

Vision 04

Mercy ministries & Relief aid

When it came to the point that thousands needed to be fed, Jesus said to his disciples: »You give them something to eat.« Then he took the bread, gave thanks and broke it ... and they were not running out any time. Jesus has called us to break the bread to the hungry, to give a home to those who are homeless, to heal the sick, to weep with the mourning and to rejoice with those who are full of joy. One thing the nations we are working in don't lack is poverty; and we are aware of the fact that we cannot help everybody ... but we can help one after the other. By giving out bread, rice, clothes, something to dring, medicine, with every hug, prayer and comfort we are serving people who are literally broken-hearted and in terrible condition. The love of Jesus has reached us, and through us it reaches people who are stricken in deep needs.
In areas who are suffering from catastrophies, we are more than willing to go beyond the normal in order to take life-saving measures and distribute relief goods, e.g. when Turkey experienced a series of earthquakes, when Thailand and the Philippines were hit by the devastating tsunamis, when Albania, former Yugoslavia and Mongolia were suffering famine.

Vision 07

Pioneer ministries - establishing new things

Besides everything we are already doing, we are always looking for options to expand and multiply our ministries. Our vision is not limited to the ministries and nations we are presently active in. We don't want to get stuck and be satisfied with what we have. »Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide ...« There is so much more we can do - and we want to follow up on these. We enlarge present ministries and extend communities ... and there are still so many nations we want to go into. There is a wide land before us that we want to take and in which we want to build new things.
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