Jesus was always with the people. He served them, healed them, brought the love of God to them - in the power of the Holy Spirit. That's what it's all about! What the people need is a personal encounter with Jesus and he wants to use you and me to this end.

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"Gateway to the East"

As "Gateway to the East" Vienna holds international and political meaning. Vienna is multicultural. This is the opportunity to make Jesus known among the nations. So we regularly hold outreaches in Vienna, Austria and Eastern Europe.

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Where the need is greatest

In social hotspots we show people with alcoholism, drug addiction and other needs the way out of hopelessness into freedom and a new life. We share what we have experienced with God and preach the gospel - whether with an amplifier or in personal dialogue, with praise or with a creative mime act. Often we get to see people getting drawn to us when we worship Jesus with songs. They feel the peace and love God.

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You are welcome!

You are welcome to come and go to the streets with us - whether you are a person or a team. You can also live here with us together with your evangelistic team or your youth group for some days. Just contact us!

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