Actually the outreach to Manila was announced long ago, but no one signed up for it. However, this changed immedately after Burning Hearts 2018 in Lüdenscheid. Suddenly registrations flooded in - in the end we even had to put a »stop« to these. In the end we were an international team: nine people from four nations - plus the Filipinos.

Naegel Koepfe 18

How to get to the mission field?

»We do not need to pray any longer »Lord, send me!« - for he has sent us already. Rather our prayer should be, »Lord, where shall I go?« The nations are waiting for you! When are you going?« After Walter Heidenreich made this altar call at Burning Hearts, people ran to the cross willing to surrender their lives to God in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus: Go into all the world and make disciples in all the nations ... (Matthew 28:19)
Among the 2,000 participants in the conference were some 100% determined to immediately get the hang of it. »There was power. I couldn't but run to the cross. Back home from the conference, I asked myself of how I should into practice what I said Yes to«, shared Harry. Suddenly he came across the Manila outreach. He talked things over with his family and employer and then saw miracle after miracle happening.

Naegel Koepfe 12

Werner & Karin knew that God wanted them to go to the nations in 2018. »We talked to our emplayers and colleagues and slamed open doors.« Well, actually their annual vacation was already over ... but God ... doors opened wide for them. In Werner's case, his colleagues collected their overtime and put them in his favour.

Leos and Jana are from the Czech Republic and were deeply impacted by thw power of God and the work of the Holy Spirit at the venue. The alter call was like an initial ignition, for their hearts have been burning for missions for a long time ... only they didn't know what to do with this fire.

Naegel Koepfe 08

Janika was so captivated by Jesus' love for the Filipinos. Her original plan was to do the outreach and then stay on for a couple of months in order to do Mission live. But then everything changed ...

Click here and watch the review of Burning Hearts 2018 or click to this link and watch indivisual sessions on God TV on demand.

»God, what are you doing with us?«

We asked this question on several occasions. Outreach started the first night - we went to a college. So many young people:
»I talked to a girl who wasn't really open. However, God had given me something for her thus I continued to talk. A young man joined our little group, stood there and listened. When he heard me speak about the Holy Spirit, he burst out with the question, »Do you know the Holy Spirit?« He had a thousand questions. They just bubbled out of him. That night he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and surrendered his life to Jesus. We were in awe ... such hunger for the Holy Spirit. It was so easy, so beautiful of how this young man as well as others gave their lives to Jesus.« (Ilona)

Naegel Koepfe 17

Two days later we set out for a mountain outreach. We went to a tribe that lives very primitively and disclosed. The people are poor, many are sick. It took us two hours by car, two hours of hiking up and down mountains, we walked through mud, climbed over trees and walked through troubled waters ... and then we finally arrived. What an adventure! When we entered the village, two little children came our way. Upon seeing us they started to cry and ran off. Never before have they seen white people ...

Naegel Koepfe 07

Like in the movies

»We had a powerful worship time in that village. The presence of the Holy Spirit settled in and we prayed for the people of Amipas that were around that afternoon. What God has done here, can only be seen in Christian documentaries. The Holy Spirit touched almost everyone. I prayed for a 40-year-old man who had a stroke and was since hemiplegic. Over the years, he has developed a technique to drag himself along by means of a cane or stick. Besides being hemiplegic, his hands and feet were bent inwards. Kuya F and I laid hands on him - we prayed for healing and a miracle ... And then we saw what seemed to be impossible: The man started to move his limbs. Strength flooded his body, he could lift his paralyzed arm and bring his inwardly bent hand and food into a normal position again. He walked without a stick, and was able to feely move his limbs ... and he said good-bye with a strong handshake. When I turned around on our way back, I saw him walking very fast - WITHOUT a stick.« (Harry)

The deaf hear, the lame walk

One week later in the park: We worshiped and it seemed that the Holy Spirit was hovering over the place. People were so open. Suddenly, Harry ran after a man who was walking on a cane ...
»This man had a broken ellbow in a cast. He was in pain. When praying for him, the pain left and in addition his damaged hearing got healed, too. Another elderly man was in pain and had arthrosis in his knees, and he also had a damaged hearing. Again, when we prayed the pain left and he could hear again. However, then I had this one special encounter: Since she was little, this woman was sitting in a wheelchare. Her legs compared to the size of her body seemed to be too small, too thin and powerless. To this day she never stood on her legs. Why? She didn't know ... It seemed to me that Jesus wanted to touch her as a testimony for others. I prayed several times over her and all the time she sensed that something changed in her. »Get up from your wheelchair.« She looked at me with bewilderment, but then she took a bold step out of her wheelchair. For the first time in her life she stood for 10 seconds on her own legs ...«

Naegel Koepfe 16

Outreach with Consequences

God is good - God is simply good - God is always good! So what shall we say? We could tell you testimonies on end of what God has done throughout this outreach ... However, the best part of this outreach is that six of the nine participants are taking steps to go to missions alongside the Holy Spirit to bring in the harvest:

Naegel Koepfe 14

During the outreach, we also went for three days to Tondo - the most conjested area of this world. Poverty, sickness and crime prevail here. This is no place that Europeans would choose for a living. »When walking through Tondo and seeing the needs of the people, we strongly sensed that his is holy ground. God has graved this place into our hearts and we will go back there.« Werner & Karin are getting ready to go to Manila and share with everybody where they go, what they are about to do and why they are doing this.

Naegel Koepfe 13

»Right from the start of the outreach, someone in Manila said to me: Janika, you should attend the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid. Well, that wasn't my plan. I wanted to do the outreach and then proceed with Mission live. I followed my plan, however, suddenly God clearly spoke to me about going to Lüdenscheid and doing the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move.« In the end of January, Janika packed her staff and departed from Manila at +25°C, arriving a couple of hours later in Germany at only -5°C. From the airport she went straight to the Wislade in Lüdenscheid ... and from here she will go to Mongolia, to the Philippines and to another nation in the beginning of May ...

Naegel Koepfe 21

Leos' and Jana's spouses and families are very good friends. They visit the same church, spend vacation and weekends together and they harbour the same passion to go to missions. Both families came for Burning Hearts 2018 to Lüdenscheid. Back in their homecountry, they quit their jobs and went on outreach. Unfortunately, they couldn't go as families, thus Leos and Jana were sent by them. In Manila, the mission fire was poked and their hearts were burning with love for the Philippines ... Now, they are looking for options to go to missions as families. Next steps are already in the making.

And Harry ... »I don't know which path God is leading me ... Since this outreach, God have become more alive for me. I experienced him as a loving, givin and real Father. I sense that he wants to make his kingdom visible here on earth. All glory and honour is unto Him. Thank you, Jesus.«

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