He who was seated on the throne said, »I am making everything new!«

The Bible in Revelation 21:5 (NIV)

God is on the move

Manila, Philippines … many are heavily addicted by drugs and alcohol; furthermore, gaming and gambling addiction are also on the rise. This created a desire in our hearts: These people shall be touched by the redeeming power of God and be set free from addictions and bondages. They shall hear about God’s love for them, experience it, get healed and restored. Their lives shall be transformed and they shall become reformers in society.

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The way out

In 1991, we came to Manila with the commission to establish a drug rehabilitation center. Right there we were faced with 10 million drug addicts and this number is still growing. Once they get arrested, they are thrown into prison, where in some prison illegal drugs are still available. Some are able to admit themselves into government rehab centers which are run like military camps and which are overcrowded. Private rehab centers are available, however, they are unachievable for many addicts and their families as the expenses mount to 1,000 EUR per month.

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Re-entering Life

Since the Set Free Center opened its doors in December 1992, over 500 drug addicts have enrolled into the program. We are a Christian rehabilitation center where we live together as a family. We desire for every rehab guest to experience healing and restoration. Many living testimonies give evidence that both is still happening today. However, it even goes beyond! Former rehab guests have become co-workers in the ministries of HELP Philippines and have become pillars of the work. Some have joined other ministries that we are cooperating with, many former drug addicts have found jobs, raised a family and live a drug-free lifestyle.

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How we live

Our Commitment
Set Free Center’s main goal is to display the hope of the Gospel: God’s mercies. It’s a place of worship, of fixing our eyes on the only hope we know - Jesus Christ. Our house is open to people facing different kinds of life crises. We serve drug addicts, men that suffer from alcoholism, gambling and the rapidly growing threat of computer game addiction.

Our Program
- Devotions (Mondays to Fridays)
- Working time (Mondays to Fridays; schedules vary)
- Meal times
- Sports
- Private leisure time, personal bible studies (usually in Saturdays)
- Sunday Church Service
- Group activities (group bible study, written bible study, journal writing)
- Out of town activities (retreat, outreaches)


Areas of Work
- Kitchen team
- Cleaning team
- Repair and Maintenance team
- Laundry
- Garden team

As Set Free Center, we are part of HELP International Philippines CMC. We have some special gatherings like big devotions, family nights and city prayer/outreach, special weeks and we also join Christian conferences from time to time.

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Target Groups
- Consumers of illegal drugs
- Alcoholics
- Gambling and Gaming addicts

- A person’s willingness to give up on his former lifestyle.
- A person’s willingness to submit to the house parents (staff).
- A person’s willingness to submit to our Christian concept of living.
- A chest X-ray.

General conditions
- 2 months of no communication with family and loved ones.
- 2 months probationary stage and no visiting privilege.
- No smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling and violence.
- Obedience to the house rules and guidelines.
- Program duration is 6 to 12 months.

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Admission Procedure

- The applicant has to call us at (02) 658-4895 for a phone interview.
- A personal interview will be done at the Set Free Center.
- Submission of filled-up application form and chest X-ray result.
- After the team’s deliberation, an admission date is scheduled.
- On the day of admission, please bring the following (see checklist below).

How much?
- There will be done an assessment of the family/guardian of the applicant on the day of the personal interview at the Set Free Center.

- Necessary clothes for church and pambahay.
- Toiletries needed for the first month of stay.

When the program is over and with the team’s assessment, the guest will be given an option to undergo the Aftercare Program during which the guest will have the option to work or go to school and stay in the center with guidance of the Set Free team.

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Here's a testimony

Alvin, 29 years old, is from Aroma, Tondo (Manila). He grew up in a place where people literally live in garbage. He did not finish school and was working as a scavenger (sorting out garbage to sell it to junkshops). He got hooked on drugs so badly that his family kicked him out of their house. Besides sorting out garbage, Alvin got involved into stealing and pushing drugs. With the help of a church (Kalayaan Church Ministry), he admitted himself into the Set Free Center and submitted himself freely with no reservations.

Right now, Alvin gets regular visits by his family and it’s amazing to see how God is restoring the family bonds. When seeing this young man, you would never see a trace of where he has originally came from. God has changed him inside out. And because of people like him, we have hope for Tondo. God is transforming Tondo and He is starting with individuals and goes to families, from families to communities …

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How to connect with us

- Call us at (02) 658-4895.
- eMail us

Get involved

Working together in unity and harmony accomplishes the best for everyone. Yes, that's what we want.
For the past years, we have had volunteers from other countries as well as from the Philippines. Youth and adults, individuals and groups lived with us for months, days, weeks and some for only a few hours. They conducted workshops, helped with practical jobs and special projects, joined our outreaches and much more.

Volunteers get involved

We welcome individuals or groups (locals and foreigners) who want to join or live and work with us. Get to know our community, join us in sports or teaching handicraft. Be part of our outreaches when worshipping Jesus in the city, sharing the gospel and bringing hope to prisons.

If you can't come here, you can still join us in other ways. Prayers are most welcome and deeply appreciated! You may also join us by giving. Connect with us. Please visit our website or you may email us and give us a call.

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