He who was seated on the throne said, »I am making everything new!«

The Bible in Revelation 21:5 (NIV)

Millions getting a new chance

Manila ... we saw the many who were either heavily addicted or at least had to do with drugs. However, just throwing a brief look created a desire within our hearts: These people shall be touched by the redeeming power of God and become free from their addicitons and all bondage. They shall hear about God's love for them, experience it, get healed and restored. Their lives shall be transformed and they shall become reformers through whom others receive new hope and get help, and whose life is making a difference in society throughout the land.


Hungering for Freedom

In 1991, we came to Manila with the commission and the aim to establish a drug rehabilitation center. Right there we were faced with 10 million drug addicts in the Philippines. Once they get arrested, there are two options: Either they are thrown into prison (if at all they make it and don't get killed on the way to prison) where they definitely will continue consuming drugs of all kind, or they are admitted to a government rehab center which are run like military camps and crowded. Private rehab facilities are available, however, these are unachievable as the addicts and their families are charged 1,000 EUR per month.

Set Free 03

Re-entering Life

Since the Set Free Center opened its doors in December 1992, over 500 drug addicts have enrolled into the program. We are a Christian rehabilitation center which lives together like a big family. We desire for every rehab guest to experience healing and restoration - and many, many testimonies give evidence that both is still happening today. However, it even goes beyond ... Former rehab guests have become co-workers in the ministries of HELP Philippines and are pillars of the work. Some have joined other ministries that we are cooperating with, and many former addicts have found jobs, founded families and live good lives.

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