The second leg of our ministry in Mongolia is the »Jesus Family Church«:

LOGO Jesus family

Prayer and Worship

International House of Worship and Prayer (IHOWP)
Prayer and worship are important pillars of our ministries, and it is our vision that IHOWP will be used by national and international worship and prayer groups around the clock. Every Christian is welcome to become a part of this vision with their way of worshipping in the Holy Spirit, their creativity, their personal style of prayer, denominational and cultural character.

Jesus Family IHOWP

Worship Services
We regularly celebrate interdenominational worship services.


Anyone who wants to know Jesus and the Holy Spirit better and experience how this changes their life is welcome at the REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia in Ulan Bator. The school serves to equip students with power, empower them to serve in the gifts of the Spirit and find their way into God's plan for their lives. Worship, prayer, fatherhood, discipleship, evangelism and missions, bible teaching and living together are all important to us. Internships and evangelistic outreaches are part of the school.

Jesus Family Revival School

REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move (RSotM)
In addition to the REVIVAL SCHOOL MONGOLIA, there is the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move, where students of the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid have the opportunity to spend two months in Mongolia.

Seminars & Conferences
In order to train the body of Christ, we hold seminars and conferences.

Jesus Family Revial Fire

Evangelism & Missions

in Mongolia
We regularly go from door-to-door, do street outreaches or travel around the country to share the good news of the gospel.

Jesus Family Einsatz

We also travel to other countries for mission outreaches.


Oogii rund Dopu rund Tsenge rund
B. Otgonbaatar (General leadership), E. Dorjpurev & O. Tsengelchimeg (Leadership REVIVAL SCHOOL Mongolia)

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