My name is Michael - but everybody calls me Mille. In the year 2008, I came to Lüdenscheid in Germany to attend the REVIVAL SCHOOL. After graduating, I went for three years to Nagaland and helped setting up a ministry among poor and needy people. Two years ago I came back to Germany and have since worked as a male nurse. However, I know that working here is only a short-term vision, for my heart is burning for the nations and I sense that God is literally wanting me to go.

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Presently, I am in the Philippines doing a three-months-internship at the Father's House in Manila. The Father's House is a mission branch of HELP Philippines. We are having 12 children in the Father's house, who either have come straight from the street with no parents anywhere, or children that come from difficult family backgrounds whose parents are not able to take care of them.

When dreams come true

I enjoy and have fun spending time with the children. As for me, a dream has come true that I have had since I was a teenger. I have always wanted to live and work with children. These kids are desperate for family, however, we as staff are limited in our ability to provide family for them. Therefore it's so wonderful that we may pass on the Father's love to them. »God has poured his love into our hearts. He did it through the Holy Spirit, whom he has given to us.« (Romans 5:5)

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Out of Tondo

When I was little, I listened to a radio play entitled Out of Tondo. It's a true story of a streetboy from Tondo who had an encounter with Jesus which changed the whole course of his life to the best. Tondo is a part of Manila which is the poorest in this world. We went for a three-day-outreach. Suddenly, I found myself to be in the place that I heard about for the first time 30 years ago. We visited many places in this huge area and got to know so many wonderful people for whom we prayed and shared Jesus with.

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However, may highlight in Tondo was meeting a group of kids from a small slum area at the harbour. I told them a story about God's love for them. When we prayed together, the kids asked Jesus to show them how precious they are in his eyes. I was deeply impacted and moved by that.

Next step

I have come to the Philippines to find out if God has a place for me in Manila. My greatest desire is that God shows me my place in life and that he uses me to share his love with people.

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