At wirst glance some things seem impossible - for example hosting a missions-conference with 100 participants from seven different nations during a global pandemic. Just to get reminded by God, that to Him nothing, not anything, is impossible at all.

Nothing is impossible

Regarding our HELP International missions-conference this meant to believe, while we started organizing, that God would step in helping us overcome some impossibilities of international travels. In the weeks before the conference we saw a rising number of events occurring that displayed a handwriting of God‘: Just in time the Thai government implemented a program to enter its borders without quarantine, individual staff and whole teams of HELP International received donations for the journey, passports and visas were issued and a hotel reactivated several floors after they had been closed during the Covid pandemic. Such events, and many more, finally created an unusual sight in the center of Pattaya’s red-light district: Mongolians and Germany were hugging, missionaries from Austria welcomed Filipinos and Americans were enjoying the fellowship of Swiss - and that was only breakfast!

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God’s heart for the nations

During the seven days of the conference our focus was on the heart of God for the nations. The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully amongst us! He was highlighting the lifestyle of evangelism and many participants got re-ignited with fire and passion to share about Jesus in the streets. In another moment God connected the hearts of nations to one another: Because the Kingdom of God is a kingdom of different peoples and tongues - united in the heart of the Father.

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There were days of various inputs, an outreach filled with intercession and evangelism in the streets of Pattaya, teachings, times of worship and a powerful reminder of the German inheritance in world missions. Form the Moravians and their town of Herrnhut once there emerged a movement of missionaries filled with the power of God that shook the world of its time. God’s heart is beating for nations in need, for the orphans and widows, for the broken-hearted - and the Heavenly Father himself is preparing the nations to get to know and to worship Jesus Christ as the risen Son of God.
It is a miracle in itself for our different nations to meet and gather for this conference in Pattaya, but the heart of God has revealed: He will to do way greater miracles to save nations! After this conference it was very clear to our FCJG & HELP-family that we will strive to stay involved so that the Kingdom of God can expand more and that people will hear the good news: God is love and his heart is beating for … YOU!

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