»How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity ... For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.«

The Bible in Psalm 133:1 + 3 (NIV)

One Foundation

As a dynamic community we are living and working together focussing on getting to know God more and more and making him known everywhere. Just like a big family, we are sharing our lives with one another and want to grow together to become disciples of Christ. The times we are spending daily in the presence of God worshipping Jesus in unity are the foundation for anything we are doing throughout the day. Everyone gives their share investing their gifts, skills and hearts for the sake of the community and to the glory of God! Spending leisure and meal times together as well as looking after the house and the compound, doing evangelistic outreaches, investing into relationships to the body of Christ in Austria are as much part of our lives as serving individuals who are joining our community in order to receive help.

Lebensgemeinschaft 03

One of our co-workers who himself received help in our house a couple of years ago, wrote a rap about our lifestyle:

An ordinary Day

»... and an ordinary day here looks like this:
Spending time with Jesus is top priority,
then to gather in our beautiful prayer house
and exalt Jesus,
for only because of him our life makes sense.
We want to know him more and more.
The Holy Spirit helps us to worship him - yeah!
We are longing for more and because that's his will
he will encounter us day by day.
When we exalt him we are dipped into his blessing,
and our foremost desire is to give everything to God,
so we may experience his glory ...
The prayer house is always open for people to come and worship.
Every Saturday we are seeing miracles.
People give their lives to Jesus and get prophesied over.
The path is open for repentance, turning back to God
and to forgiveness.
People rise up and turn from darkness to life ...«
Paul Lobsang
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