The branch HELP International Mongolia is the charitable leg of our Mongolia-based ministry:

HELP Modern Mongolia

Rehabilitation Work

Naidvariin Jim
In Ulaanbaatar as well as in Henti and Bayan Ulgii we have communities where men with addiction and other life problems have the opportunity to make a new start in their usually broken lives. Naidvariin Jim means Path of Hope. Many men have been and are being restored here and are getting their lives under control. Their wives get new husbands, their children new fathers.


We do outreaches to various government institutions (short-term detention, government rehabilitation) and to social hotspots where we present our rehabilitation work.

Mercy Ministries

For Children and Youth
In our Mission House in Ulan Bator, socially disadvantaged children in the area receive a warm meal several times a week and help with their homework. We also visit the families of these children to give them hope and a perspective for their life. In addition, the Mission House is a contact point for young people in the area and various leisure activities are organised such as sports and youth camps. In Henti, we are in the process of setting up a youth centre where English and music lessons are offered.

HELP Kinder 03

Shelter for the Homeless
During the winter months from November to April, with the Shelter we open our doors to the homeless of Ulan Bator. Countless homeless people, most of whom also have severe alcohol problems, were and are thus saved from freezing to death.

HELP Shelter

Relief projects
In cases of acute need, we organise aid projects of various kinds, and outreaches are made to the meeting places of the homeless.

HELP Hilfsprojekt

Work projects
We have various work projects in order to create jobs, to give those who attend the rehabilitation program opportunities for further education and to contribute to the running costs of our work.


 Joshua rund Caecilie rund
E. Joshua (General leadership) & Cäcilie Reuss (General leadership)

Tuvshen rund Aagii rund Munkhuu rund Uurna rund
A. Amartuvshin (Head of Alcohol Rehabilitation), Ts. Altanchimeg (Head of Mercy Ministries), Y. Batmunkh (Bayan Ulgii Branch), Ch. Uranchimeg (Henti Branch)


Thank you very much for partnering with and supporting us in bringing hope to the people in Mongolia and helping us to minister to the poor and need.

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