Hi there, today we are writing from Pattaya (Thailand). We have gathered as international HELP family in this place. It's not easy to live as community that is spread over three continents and seven nations, therefore such gatherings are vitally important and so precious to us. Unfortunately, some could join. The Corona virus stopped them from travelling, but everybody is doing fine.

HELP in Pattaya 03

Why Pattaya?

Maybe you are asking why we are holding the HELP staff conferences in Pattaya? This place of obvious darkness and sin? Well, exactly that's the reason why ... we want to be a light in the darkness. With every time we have come to Pattaya, more and more light has captured this city. So much has changed for the better. The light of God's love is piercing the darkness ... more and more and more. Besides gatherings, meetings, many talks and great fellowship, we are also going to the street.

HELP in Pattaya 04

Piercing the darkness

Beach Road is buzzing with people - locals and foreigners scrimmage. Within minutes a good crowd of people of all walks of life is surrounding us while we worship. Some are drunk or high on drugs. Others are curious to know what we are doing, they get their mobile phones and take videos - even the police does. Again others are deeply moved and watch with tears in their eyes. One of us spontaneously preaches the gospel of the kingdom of God. Three men give their lives to Jesus right there and then ... We split in small teams to pray with and talk to people while walking the road. A the end of this outreach 13 people have given their lives to Jesus.

HELP in Pattaya 05

What now? A new house!

We are thrilled and excited about these 13 people. However ... what comes next? We want to open a house in Pattaya where ...
– we live as community and do outreaches on a regular basis,
we take in people to live with us and walk alongside them while starting a new life with Jesus,
– the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move (RSotM) finds a home.

Our team in Thailand is emphasizing these goals and wants to buy a house which costs 150,000 EUR. It has 12 rooms and six bathrooms - enough space to live as community and take people in. If you want to support us in purchasing this house, you are welcome to do so here - purpose: House in Pattaya

HELP in Pattaya 06

Wanna join us in Thailand?

However, most of all we continue to go to Pattaya for outreaches so that the light of the love and power God becomes brighter and brighter. You may join us this year - from Nov. 3 - 20, 2020, we are doing a HELP outreach to Thailand (Bangkok and Pattaya). Please note: We can only accept a limited number of participants.

HELP in Thailand 07

In only a couple of days, everyone is travelling back home - each to the nation he lives. Thank you very much for standing with us and sharing in our mission in Germany and the nations. God bless you!

Much love from the HELP Team
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