»A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.«

The Bible in Psalm 68:5 + 6 (NIV)

The Father's House

The Father's House is a place where we become family and home for children who don't have any family or whose families are broken. This specially refers to former street kids as much as to orphans, neglected and abused children. The name Father's House speaks for itself and actually explains the vision behind: God, the Father, prepares a home for the fatherless. He heals and restores them, and He gives each and every child a commission and a future.

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All children at the Father's House were wounded and hurt by the loss of parents, abuse or severe neglect, and they are all desperate for and in need of healing which only our heavenly Father can give in completeness.

The home started in 2001 in a rented house in one of Manila's inner city districts. As the family expands and with God's guidance and provision, we moved to the outskirts of Metro Manila in 2007. Moving to a bigger house, we are able to receive more children into our home.


Despite the fact that we understand ourselves as a big family, all children have biological families. We are trying to re-integrate them into their biological families as far as they still exist and if it is for the good of the children; we also work with the government on the possibility of them having a family through other legal ways. Furthermore, we are helping the families and stand with them in times of crisis and through difficulties. Children and youth find a long-term home with us at the Father's House when re-integration to family or other legal ways turn out to be impossible.


Officially, there is compulsory schooling in the Philippines, however, until the time that the children have come to live with us hardly any of them have ever registered and seated in a school at all. We are making sure that every child gets their rights to education; receive appropriate education, training and support. In cases where the child needs different approach of learning/schooling, we are seeking for ways and options to help and support the child.

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We encourage, prepare and support the youth to live more independently. We help and guide them in choosing and deciding what careers they want to take in preparation for their integration to the working world.

Home Life

Here in The Father's House, we share responsibilities and help each other. Together we work with and for each other and the people in the community. We clean the house, do laundry, purchase things, prepare and cook meals, tend the gardens, do maintenance work and others, but the days are not just all about work, work, work ... fun is very much part of our home, too. We are free to play, read books, watch movies, fellowship together, worship together, and do some other things that interest and allow us to discover more of ourselves and others. Through these different activities one can see and find out what the children's skills, interests and needs are and this is important to know.

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We have some who love gardening, some love to paint flowers, some are good in drawing, curious on how things work, they like to cook and bake, love dancing, some are good in playing the guitar and so on ... and we believe that there is more to be discovered and developed.

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As family we go out for fun and relaxation. We swim the waters, trek the woods, stroll the buildings, bike the road, run the field, walk the park, skate the flats, shoot baskets and more.

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Fights? Misunderstandings? Challenges? Yes, it happens and will be encountered as we journey, but it won't stop us from being a family and home to the children. Two-way-communication, guidance, leading, encouragement are just a few of what we do in our everyday living encounters to overcome challenges, but mostly, not forgetting to acknowledge, to give thanks and to worship our one and only GOD, our source of everything. We want to introduce them to the Father in heaven, who is our creator and who is able to restore everything. In God’s presence we find complete satisfaction, healing of our past and hope for our future.

Get involved

Working together in unity and harmony accomplishes the best for everyone. Yes that's what we want.
For the past years, we have had volunteers from other countries and from our very own, the Philippines. Youth and adults; individual and groups lived with us for months, some days, some weeks and some few hours. They conduct workshops, helped in practical works and special projects, joined our outreaches and others.

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If you love teaching academics or like tutoring, our children would love to hear from you the what's, how's, when's and where's of an answer. If you love gardening, you might want to share the knowledge and help us grow our own produce or maintain and beautify our surroundings. These are just some of the things you can do with us, there are always somethings to be done but what is more important is the living and doing of things together ... the sharing of lives, the learning from each other.

We welcome individuals or groups (locals and foreigner) who want to join or live and work with us. It may for a few hours a day, a couple of days, weeks or months - it does not matter as long as you have it in your heart to serve.

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If you can't come here, you can still get involved in other ways. Prayers are most welcome and deeply appreciated! You may also get involved through giving. Get in touch with us - email us or give us a call!
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