»A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.«

The Bible in Psalm 68:5 + 6 (NIV)

The Father's House

The name Father’s House explains itself and the vision behind: God, the Father, prepares a home for orphans and neglected, abused children. He heals and restores. He has a calling and a future for each child.

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The home started in 2001 in a rented house in one of Manila's inner city districts. As the family expands and with God's guidance and provision, we moved to the outskirts of Metro Manila in 2007. Moving to a bigger house, we are able to receive more children into our home.


We are living like a big family, however, we take every effort to support a renewed relationship between the children and the parents. We are cooperation with official government offices, which also includes the support of families in crisis situations in order to facilitate the reintegration of a child into its family. In case, all efforts don’t bear fruit, children find a permanent home at the Father’s House.


Officially there is compulsory schooling in the Philippines, however, hardly any of the children living with us has ever seen a school from inside. When with us, each child shall be able to claim its right for education. Depending on the situation of a child, we are looking for an adequate school or learning methods. We support the children in their learning efforts, lead them into learn healthy independence and advise the youth when choosing their apprenticeship when entering the working world.

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Family Life

The Father’s House is pounding with life. While some children help in the kitchen gutting fish to prepare lunch, others do laundry. They are also taking care of the garden, thus we all join hands and do the duties together, and while watering the plants, suddenly there is a water battle going on. Of course, breaks are always welcome – we call these Merienda and serve small snacks! After the daily romping about at playing basketball in the tropical heat – which is part of Asian life – everyone takes a shower. Of course, we also watch movies together, read stories or do creative designs. From time to time we are doing excursions, go to the pool or discover the forests.

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In all activities and by living together, we get to know the gifts and talents of each child but also their inner struggles and needs. There are certainly challenges as well as misunderstandings – just as in every family. In talks, by giving advice and through encouragement, we are helping the children to handle these situations, to get whole and to mature.

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In all things, we give thanks to God and worship him, for he is the source of life. We want to introduce the children to their heavenly Father – our Creator who is able to make everything new. In his presence we find perfect fulfillment, healing of wounds of the past and hope for our future.

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You can join!

Do you teaching and want to tutor our kids? Do you love gardening, grow vegetables, and love to arrange the plants in a beautiful way? Are you willing to lend a hand wherever needed, and at the same time to invest into the children’s hearts and become part of our community for a while?

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You may come alone, together with a group from any nation. Come for a few days, a couple of weeks or months. You are most welcome!

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Of course, we are always grateful for prayer! We inform you by sending out newsletters, or you become part of a prayer chat or by investing finances. Get in touch with us - send us an eMail or give us a call!

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