»A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads out the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.«

The Bible in Psalm 68:5 + 6 (NIV)

The Father's House

In the year 2001, we rented our first house in one of Manila's inner city districts: the Father's House - a place where we become family for children who don't have any family and those whose families are broken and destroyed. This specially refers to former street kids as much as to orphans, neglected and abused children. The name Father's House speaks for itself and actually explains the vision behind: God, the Father, prepares a home for the fatherless. He heals and restores them, and he gives each and every child a commission and a future.
All children at the Father's House are traumatized by the loss of parents, by abuse or severe neglect, and they are all desperate for healing - not only in their emotions.

Jungs the Rock


When the first Father's House was crowded and literally about to burst, we moved to the outer skirts of Metra Manila in 2007. Since we have lived there with up to 25 children and youth who have found family and home in our international community. Despite the fact that we understand ourselves as a big family, all children have biological families. We are trying to re-integrate them into their families as far as they still exist and if it is for the good of the children. Furthermore, we are helping the parents and stand with the families in times of crisis and through difficulties. Orphans and severely neglected children find a long-term home with us at the Father's House.



Officially there is compulsory schooling in the Philippines, however, until the time that the Father's House kids have come to live with us hardly any of them have ever seen a school at all. We are making sure that every child gets appropriate education, training and support. In case of severe learning disability, we are seeking for ways and options of individual support. After the children graduate from school, we help them to inter into the working world and help them until they are able to provide for themselves.
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