»I want to get to know your work and experience missions first hand. I've got the next six months. May I come alongside you in the nations? Have you got any place I can go to?«
Of course, it's possible and you are most welcome to join us. Mission live has been designed for people who want to live and work with us in our mission bases in Asia between two to 11 months. You become part of our international community, join our daily duties and do outreaches with us. Mission live will impact your life and you will be transformed ...

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What does it take ...

... to do Mission live? Well, you have to be at least 18 years of age (for Manila minimum age is 20 years), should have an open heart, be willing to learn new things and allow the Holy Spirit to do his work in you. One more thing that's fairly important: You need to understand and speak English; otherwise it's getting difficult with communication.

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After applying at one of our ministries through the contact form, our local staff will get into touch with you, provide you with a more detailed questionnaire and fix a date for an interview via ZOOM to find out more about expectations on both sides. Before you set out, however, we would love to get to know you a bit more and help you with preparing for your Mission live time by inviting you to our center in Lüdenscheid (Germany). Spending time on the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany (missions school) gives you the opportunity to ask all your questions, feel the heartbeat of our community and embrace our vision and receive some training.

Depending on how long you want to be part of Mission live, we invite you for different lengths of time with us:

Up to 3 months abroad: you are invited to spend a week in our community in Lüdenscheid (Germany)

3 to 11 months abroad:
you may join our training at the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany from two weeks up to a month. Here you find more information about the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany as well as an overview of expenses for your stay.

We will contact you after your interview to arrange your stay with us. If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us ...
... eMail to REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany
... eMail to HELP International

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I want to join ... what's next?

Please fill in the relevant contact form on this site and send it off. As soon as the form reaches the mission base of the nation of your choice, the person in charge will get in touch with you and ask you to fill in another detailled questionnaire and fix a date for a ZOOM interview with you. We are looking forward to getting to know you - welcome to the nations!

Below we have put together some special information regarding the local teams:

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