We are quite a mixed batch. Our mutual desire is this: Making Jesus known in all the world, equipping the body of Christ for missions and sending missionaries to the nations!

PetraPetra Feddersen

has been on HELP International's and FCJG Lüdenscheid's senior leadership team since the year 2013. She visits HELP's international ministry branches, is an advisor to the leaders and staff and speaks in seminars and training sessions to equip the body of Christ. »The Great Commission is nothing old-fashion, it's up-to-date ... We are called to do our part to fullfil this Commission and love to do it with all our hearts for Jesus' sake.« Petra passionately loves to invest into people in all kinds of ways - especially into young people.

IlonaIlona Piras

has been with FCJG Lüdenscheid for decades - she was there before we started HELP International. Since 2014 she has been part of the HELP team in Lüdenscheid and oversees the administration, takes care of organization and is also part of the PR team of HELP International and FCJG Lüdenscheid. All of these areas unveil her calling and she loves what she does. However, most of all she loves to go into nations to see the power of God transforming people's lives.

NinaJanina Konstanze Mahrt

»When I was still a drug addict on the scene in Dortmund, I had lost touch with myself. However, God turned this incapacity for life and my hopelessness upside down. I went through therapy at House Wiedenhof in Lüdenscheid, and God restored my life and my personality, I became staff and God has made me a hope bearer for many. Besides, I have overseen the finances and did accounting at House Wiedenhof. In May 2021, God promoted me to move on … and now I am with HELP International. I am so excited for being part of the HELP Germany team, and again I overseeing finances and do accounting.«

LuiseLuise Schumann

»It's a privilege to go!« Luise is a powerpack with many gifts and talents. In 2009, she graduated from the REVIVAL SCHOOL, went to HELP Philippines to work and live in the Father's House and the City Mission. Today she is heading up the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move - a school which classrooms are the nations. Luise loves people and nations and the love of Jesus has captured her heart ... something you sense and see and what she passes on wherever she goes.

BirgitBirgit Eckmann

Since 1984 when the Mission House in Lüdenscheid was founded, Birgit has been part of the HELP/FCJG community. From the first day of her new life with Jesus, her heart was going out for missions and evangelism. After serving in the REVIVAL SCHOOL and leading many outreaches as well as getting trained herself, she went to the missionfield to Asia in 1995. In 2015, Birgit returned to Germany. Back home, she supports the HELP team - especially with Vision for Mission - and is going to the streets of the city with the FCJG City Mission in Lüdenscheid.

MadeleineMadeleine Syring

Hungy for God! Madeleine was looking for the power of God and experienced profound change in the REVIVAL SCHOOL Germany (located in Lüdenscheid). She laid down her life and God led her into His plans: Missions in Manila. After almost four years in the Philippines, she came back to Germany and is now working in PR department covering Social Media to give missions a face and to shout out: »Will you go?«

Bruno rundBruno Löffel

Bruno’s heart is going out to the nations! In 1991, he came from Switzerland to Germany … and as it was with so many of us, he also only planned to stay for one or two years and then to proceed to the mission field. However, God had different plans and Lüdenscheid has become his mission field. Since the mid-90s, Bruno has been part of FCJG City Mission. He has a brand: Wherever he goes, he easily connects with people from different nations and shares the Gospel with them so they can understand it according to their cultural background. Since fall 2020, Bruno has also been part of the HELP team. You won’t find him in the office, as he is out communicating the heart of HELP International.
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