We are quite a mixed batch. Some of us have lots of missions experience, others breathed in missions air during short-term outreaches. All of us are fulltime workers in God's kingdom, we are coming from different nations bu thave one thing in common: Making the love of God and Jesus' miraculous work at the cross known in all the world!

Petra FeddersenPetra Feddersen

It was an outreach to Mongolia and this one encounter with a streetkid ... »You will serve streetkids in the nations«, said God. After attending the REVIVAL SCHOOL, Petra went to the Philippines and to India to live out her calling. Then God called her back to Lüdenscheid, and since she has trained young people who want to go long-term into fulltime ministry - in Germany and the nations. Petra has a strong worship anointing and creates Tengerin Doo together with the HELP/FCJG community, reaching out to the nations. »Every people, every tribe will confess that Jesus is the Lord!« That's her desire - that's what she is living for. Since 2013, Petra has been on HELP's/FCJG's seniour leadership team.

Ilona PirasIlona Piras

After 18 years of fulltime work in various branches of FCJG it was time for a closer look into other nations. She packed her bags and went fo rthree months to HELP Philippines. These months turned Ilona's heart towards missions and opened the path to start working with HELP International. In 2014, she became part of the HELP team in Lüdenscheid and oversees administration, organization and is part of the PR team - areas that are part of her calling and in which she blossoms.

Nina 02Nina Schneider

Bye, bye Bavaria – hello Lüdenscheid! What a journey ... not only geographically ... Nina came to House Wiedenhof to seek help and do a rehab. Two years later he was called on staff of the Wiedenhof crew. Actually she was happy to experience Jesus together with the rehab guests ... »Would you be willing to do the accounts at HELP International?« Two mornings per week were the door to become a fulltime staff at HELP. What a treasure Nina is! She is an accountant with vision, whose heart is going out to the nations. She wants to see more finances to be released for the kingdom of God in Germany and the nations.

HP A ReiffAnita & Hans-Peter Reiff

»There was a village in Swabia« ... that's where it all started. Anita worked as a children's educator, Hans-Peter was a carpenter, and both wouldn't have dreamt that this would change in the short run. However, then God called them to leave her cozy life behind and to serve the lost and needy. In step no. 1 they moved to Sardinia. Great experience - but that was not it ... Anita & Hans-Peter attended the REVIVAL SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid, were on staff for a couple of years and theny went to join HELP Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar and later in Bayan Ulgii, the provice that the first Monoglia outreach team of FCJG set foot on the country. In Bayan Ulgii they started a carpenter's shop and established a community ... Since 2016 they have been back in Lüdenscheid, live on Prayer Mountain and share the same passion: prayer, worship and reaching the nations. »The Moravians are our example. Their abiding prayers and worship birthed a powerful missions movement. We desire to see this in our days anew!«

Luise SchumannLuise Schumann

»It's a privilege to go!« Luise is a real powerpack with lots of gifts and talents. She doesn't hold back anything that God has given her. In 2009, she attended the REVIVLA SCHOOL in Lüdenscheid and after that she joined HELP Philippines while at the same time attended College in Manila. Today she is the head of the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move. Luise loves people and the nations, loves to worship over the nations and is captivated by Jesus' love ... and through this love she makes an impact on others. She is the bridge between HELP International and the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move as both ministries work hand in hand in order to train young people for fulltime ministry in the nations.
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