Seriously … would we have ever started HELP International ZOOM if it wasn't for Corona to suddenly creep in? Well, probably not. So far we have hosted three of these ZOOMs and it's fantastic to be connected to our friends and donors as well as with people fully unknown to us by this tool. During January's ZOOM with Walter Heidenreich, Corbet from South Africa tuned in. She didn't know us, we didn't know her and then she shared the following story:

Journey into the Unknown

»I had no clue there was HELP International, however, in November 2020 someone gave me a prophetic word about going to Mongolia. I really didn't know what to do with it. So I did some research and came across this movie about one of HELP International's missionaries to Mongolia (Journey into the Unknown). I watched it and then started to look for your website. Once on the site, I saw the HELP International ZOOM announcement and here I am.« So far, so good - but there is far more to the story ...



Walter encouraged us to open up for God's opportunities and to take advantage of these. This encouragement found open doors – no, open gates – with our new South African friend. Normaly she is visiting a local South African hospital to pray for the staff and the sick. However, in times of Corona there is no access. Nevertheless, she had the impression to call the hospital and to ask whether she and her team may come and pray for the staff and bring something nice for the sick. Immediately, she was put through to the CEO (which normaly is impossible) and she encountered a deeply moved lady on the other end of the line. When the CEO listened to what the caller wanted, she wept and said, »You are answer to our prayers. This is the final day of our fasting and prayer week. We have done that, because we don't know what to do anymore. Our staff is exhausted and the number of sick coming to the hospital is excruciatingly high ... and now you are calling. Yes, please come.« On the phone, the two pray with each other and talk about further steps.


»I am so grateful for the HELP International ZOOM. Most probably I would have never considered to call the hospital, but after this encouragement I sensed the Holy Spirit urging me to immediately call. Thank you so very much.«

By the way, Corbet is communicating back and forth with HELP Mongolia ...
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