The AFRICA Conference is over ... and actually there is nothing that hinders you to really go. We want to invite you to receive and then go, for after the AFRICA Conference is before your outreach! We want to take what we have received in the Conference and with that go to Africa and Europe and become a blessing. You can be part of this adventure. This will be a multiple blessing for you and the places you are going to!


We are doing outreaches in Germany and in the German-speaking countries ... and maybe beyond. Europe's metropolises are desperate for the gospel. There is power when people from other nations come to Europe and preach the gospel. That's why we want to merge with international churches and groups - in specific with African churches and groups. Together we want to go, honor and support each other and see the kingdom of God activated through us.
If you are part of an African church and you wonder how you as group or church can participate in these outreaches, please get in touch with us!


Parallel to the above, we will also do outreaches in Africa where we work together with churches and ministries that we are friends with. Again, we want to live out what we have received and experience din the AFRICA Conference and bless the continent of Africa ... by spreading the gospel and through practical help. These outreaches will look quite different from each other, but they all aim for one goal - to make Jesus known to bless tha African continent with the fire of God.

Are you ready? Following please find the presently available infos ... more infos to come ...

Infos & Registration

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