The HELP office in Lüdenscheid ist the headquarter of our international missions organization, where all kind of administrative work is done. We are a small team of fulltime staff who is supporting our international teams with anything they cannot do from abroad. Furthermore, we are not one a workmanship that is trying to work through piles of paper and documents, but we are also a community that stands in prayer before the throne of God and connects to the body of Christ with the desire to make missions a topic again ...

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Petra Feddersen and Birgit Janke are the senior leaders of HELP International and of FCJG in Lüdenscheid. FCJG was founded in 1976. HELP International came into being in 1994 and is the missions organization of FCJG. As our national and international mission belong together, Petra and Birgit are also the the leaders of both, for we are heading towards the same target - nationally and internationally. They take turns in travelling and visiting with our international team, train the leaders and staff and stand with them giving advice and supporting them in decision-making processes.
Beyond her leadership position, Petra is in charge of the worship department - Tengerin Doo - of our international community and trains the body of Christ in worship. Birgit and her husband Christian are leaders of FCJG Kingdom Ministries and oversee Prayer Mountain for the Nations.


HELP International is a mission that lives by faith and donations. Thank you very much to all of you who are standing with us in prayer and donating to us. Both is so precious to us and need both in the future.
Nina Schneider is our accountant and oversees all donations and tax receipts. You are in the best hands for any questions or if you need information regarding donations.

Office & Administration

»Welcome to HELP International«, this is the message you hear when calling our office in Lüdenscheid. The voice belongs to Ilona Piras. She is very experienced in office and administrative work, and as a trained international secretary she is covering a vast working range.
Our office is the first port of call when it's about HELP. You can ask questions and get answers or we channel you to the right person in charge. We support our missionaries when it comes to employment and insurances. We book flights, organize seminars and conferences, answer calls, write eMails and letters, send out faxes and skype all around the world.

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Outreaches & Seminars

Both are part of HELP Internationals commission. In seminars, we are training people who want to do short-term outreaches, prepare volunteers and send them to the nations, and we train together with our schools our Missionaries in Training (M.I.T.). And those who do not have any clue about missions and are looking for their destiny are warmly invited to attend the Vision for Mission seminars or the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move. Ilona Müller is running HELP's outreach department and is an experienced missionary herself.

Public Relations

Running the website, booking ads, writing articles, blogs etc. - all of this is also hosted by the HELP office in Lüdenscheid. All our international missions are having their own PR departments, however, they mostly publish everything in Thai, Mongolian, Tagalog, Chinese. To provide information for the German- and English-speaking countries, the PR team of HELP and FCJG works together in all aspects. Some creative thinkers are sitting together and invent things like websites as well as publications as HELP News.
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