Hello, my name is Shanna, I am 41 years old. This is my story of redemption:

When I was 15 months old I was put into foster care, because my parents were not able to take care of me. Right before I turned four years old I was adopted by a family. My mother first introduced me to Jesus by taking me to church.
As a child, some very unfortunate events happened to me, things that a six year old child should never have to go through. I convinced myself that I was dirty, and deserved to be rejected and never loved. I found myself, very young, seeking acceptance from relationships with boys. There was a false sense of comfort in these relationships, but I was still so unfulfilled. I was very rebellious and ran away from home twice. Finally, my mother sent me to my aunts house to live for a while. While I was staying there, a group of people came over and prayed for me, and I received the gift of tongues at 14. I moved back with my parents, and became pregnant with my son at 15. I was so scared to tell my parents that I hid my pregnancy for six months.

Shanna 03

Things are getting worse

After I had my son I was still so empty, and felt more worthless than ever before. I asked myself, »who could want someone like me?« I was 16 years old with a baby, hopeless and all alone. Although I now had a child, my previous lifestyle did not change. I started smoking a lot of Marijuana, thinking the only way I could be happy was to alter my mind. I graduated early from highschool and left home, with my mother caring for my son the majority of the time. At 19 I became pregnant again with my daughter. I was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship for 11 years. My daughter unfortunately had to live through this. I began using cocaine, molly, and mdma at 21. In my mid 30's I started experimenting with other, harder drugs. My life was spiraling out of control. I was lying to everyone that I was ok, when I really wasn't.

God I give up

Here I was, at 38, living at my mom's, going through a divorce, with neither of my children wanting anything to do with me. This is the moment where God met me, and did something so beautiful. He totally took away my ability to get high. No matter how much crystal meth I did, I couldn't get high. I was so mad that I thought I was going to die. As hard as I tried, He would not allow me to get any »relief« from drugs anymore. I will never forget that day! I threw myself on the floor with my hands in the air and said »God I give up«. I wasn't praying, but I meant what I said. I gave up. That's where He met me; in a fully surrendered state. My mom kicked me out of her house, and the very next day I was in a Christ centered women's recovery program called Hope House.

Shanna 04

New beginning

I learned how much my Father loved me when He brought me to such a place. I dove into the word of God, and realized how unconditional His love was for me. He showed me that what I went through was part of my testimony, which would help others. I also learned that my identity didn’t come from anyone, or anything but Him. He showed me how precious I am to Him. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to so much more than this physical world that we live in. Jesus chose me. He died for me, knowing everything that I would ever do. That's redemption! That's perfect love! That's how much he loves me. September 14th 2017 is a day I will never forget. It's the day that my Father rescued me from myself.

Shanna 05

Restoration and Missions

Today I have my relationships back with my children, and my mother. I get to watch my grandchildren too and my family has forgiven me completely.
Last year in August I was at a gathering at Help for all Nations. At the end of the meeting they had a calling for everyone to come up that was moved to do missions. After hearing one of their students speaking, the Holy Spirit just put missions on my heart like never before. Immediately I applied for my passport and took at the end of the year my first missions trip to Africa and am excited to see where God sends me next. I am unashamed of my past and will gladly share what God has brought me through.

Shanna 06

»And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.« 
Revelations 12:11

At the bus station

I was on my way to Dallas, sitting at a bus station and waiting for the bus. The bus was delayed for several hours and it was already getting dark. But during my waiting time I was able to talk with a young man who was sitting in the waiting room. He came from a poor and criminal background: at the age of 30 he had already spent 10 years in prison. Scared and totally insecure, he didn’t know what to do with his time. But he listened carefully when I started sharing with him why I came to America and how Jesus had hanged my life. The presence of God just came into this room and the Holy Spirit started to touch his heart. When I prayed for him, tears streamed down his face. A bit later he gave his life to Jesus.

1Angi mann


The bus arrived and with it also a lot of men who most likely had just come out of prison. I wanted to get a seat alone or next to a woman, but that was not possible anymore. So I just sat down next to another man. We started talking and He told me that he was homeless and had been traveling through the whole country for many years, searching for meaning and belonging. He described himself as ‘floating’ and said, that he never met a person who would really care about him. He had no contact with his family, no friends, not one person he could trust. 

When he spoke I could just feel his loneliness and anger. My heart was filled with compassion for him. I mostly just listened and asked him different questions. I didn't feel that it was the time to give a big message or address the many issues in his life, but just to extend the love of God to him. And I felt how he started to open up more and more, and at one point he got quiet, looked at me and said: “You are different - You have purpose”. I was surprised by his words and just shared shortly how Jesus gave my life purpose. Our conversation lasted for over two hours. At the end, he thanked me for talking to him. But I think I was the blessed one. 


2Angi fuß

His hands and feet

It touched me deeply to see someone with so much hurt and loneliness. It made me realize that we as disciples of Jesus have the answer to a hurting and dying world. There are so many people out there, just like him, screaming for love, acceptance and truth. Crying for a Savior, a Deliverer, Someone who would really care about them. 

And so often I’m busy with becoming more “spiritual”, getting better at this or just doing that. And I’m not hearing the cry of the poor and the pain of the broken. Not realizing the seriousness of being lost. Forgetting that with Jesus I have already everything I need. I have ground under my feet. I have purpose in my life. And only when I give what I have, can it grow. Jesus and only He is the answer for this sad and dying world. And he chose YOU and ME to be his hands and feet. Let us have ears to hear the cry.

“Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, And that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out; When you see the naked, that you cover him, And not hide yourself from your own flesh? Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you…”

Isaiah 58:7-8

In the past two weeks we`ve been on the move with one message: The fire of the Holy Spirit! We believe that, more than anything else, this is needed today, especially in our western world: the gospel demonstrated with power. Let's take a look at the life of Jesus. Right from the start of His public life and ministry, the one thing that truly amazed the people about Him was the authority, the power that backed up all He did and said.

changed by his power 03

»And they were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority ...«, we read in Mark 1:22. Nowadays, we have an endless reservoir of sermons, services and programs. But where is the true power of the Holy Spirit? The power of God, which does what we could never do - revealing the Father, delivering us, healing us, leading us to repentance, transforming us into the image of Jesus, commissioning us into our destiny.
We believe that the move and work of the Holy Spirit are not just nice add ons, but actually the one thing that we cannot go without, the foundation of it all. Wherever we went, we encountered people from various backgrounds, hungry for more - and were amazed to see how the Holy Spirit moved … Here a few spotlights for you:


»In February of this year, I was in a skiing accident. I landed on my right shoulder and head at the same time, tearing my neck/spine. I have been on pain killers and have had several MRIs done. Constant pain for 10 months. I was scheduled for surgery on December 8. That was until Walter and Merisha came to my church and the Spirit moved and instantly I was healed! I have now cancelled my surgery and have no pain. Again, this was not a minor ache, but major pain to the point only opioids would allow sleep. This is not a friend of a friend or some story on the internet…but ME!«
Randy, San Marcos, TX

changed by his power 04


»During the worship service I sensed that God was going to physically come upon me. I was hesitant to say Yes and surrender to it at first, but I knew I had to. The Holy Spirit then began to physically shake me. I had seen this happen before but never experienced it. I knew it was the lightnings of God coming into me and breaking off fear and doubt, which was later confirmed. God revealed many more amazing things that night that I’m excited to explore with Him! I’m so thankful for HELP for all Nations and their amazing team here in Texas!«
Cade Criddle


»We are still talking about your impact on all of us! What a blessing! I have had a supernatural flowing ever since - and see the difference now in regards to being baptized and to Holy Spirit baptismal.«
Catherine, Celebration, FL

»The passion that Walter Heidenreich and Merisha Janke have for Jesus and the world is contagious. Time with world changers like these two have profoundly marked my life.«
Joel Lowry 

»I want to help building the buildings that are needed, that's easy for me. But I also want to go to 6th Street, I want to pray for the sick, I want to disciple. The German missionaries are praying for Americans to join them - and I realized, they have been praying for me. I believe for lives to be transformed here at this place, through the community life and through the presence of God that will be at the center of it all.«
Bruce Marshall
We are so happy to welcome Rocky and Janice to our Team.
At the end of last year they decided to become part of Hfan. For a long time they have lived in Austin, pastored a church and are spiritual father and mother to many. They carry wisdom, a heart for discipleship and a love for the younger generation. We love having them join us and look foreward building the kindgom of God together in Texas.


»Our journey to HfaN and HELP International began when God said “Go!”  Not knowing exactly what He meant we went to prayer.  We began doing some things that we felt would accomplish what He was saying, but after several years God was still saying, “Go”. Eventually we realized God was calling us to full time missions and saying let everything go and “GO”! This is when fear gripped me (Janice), not a little fear, huge fear, massive fear. I immediately knew I did not have faith for this.  As I confessed my lack of faith and fear to the Lord, He began to unravel and heal what was holding my soul in fear.   I began to let go… I let go of the fear of not being enough, of not having enough, fear of doing this at our age. The Holy Spirit ministered to me until I could say, “Yes, Lord, your will be done”.  Peace and trust now fills the place where fear was.  I’m so glad we said yes!  There is no better place to be than following Jesus!«

 Imagine nation

American Dream...?

A year ago, most people would look at our family and say, “Now, that is about as good as it gets”. We reside in a wonderful town, live in a custom-built home, have successful careers, serve in our church, have healthy relationships, and most importantly love Jesus.

American Dream 03

a lot of questions

But last summer, our family began to experience a shift inside of our hearts, leading us to step back and evaluate the direction of our lives. Were we walking in the full will of the Lord, or did we somehow slide into what the culture says a “Christian family” in America should look like? Were we too “comfortable”? Were we limiting God by “sticking to our plan”? All of these questions (and more!) began to stir last summer after our family became involved with HFAN.

new friends...

We painted walls, pulled weeds, and more…but what we didn’t expect was to be so changed by the people we met. The love of Jesus flowed out of each of them, and we knew right away that God was speaking to us. We were attracted to the freedom and joy that these new friends carried. We were struck by the openness of their future to God’s lead. And while we recognized that our life was full of the Lord’s provision and blessings, it seemed that God was calling us to something new.

& new steps

When they invited us to join them at “Burning Hearts 2018”, it seemed a far-stretch, but after God confirmed in our hearts to go…we did!

American Dream 04
Since then, we have continued to pursue God’s vision for lives, laying down all of our plans at His feet. We have joined in “No Compromise” as best we can (with the kids in school, full time jobs, and living an hour away from HFAN!)…and it has been a true blessing. We, as well as our children, have grown in God and have been stretched to new levels over the last month. As we continue to pray about potential changes in our family’s way of life, we are so thankful that God lead us to HFAN.
He is definitely showing us what a life radically devoted to Him looks like, and this is what America desperately needs!

American Dream 05

American Dream 07

American dream 08

The Power of Prayer

Our neighbors told us about this place. Drugs, violence and criminal activities were normal here, just recently they found two dead bodies next to the street. Stony point - One of the poorest neighborhoods in this area, just 5 miles away from our base.Immediately we thought: We need to go there. And we did, believing that Jesus is the only real answer to problems like this. He is the one who saves, heals and changes people from the inside out, back then and NOW! So, we started with prayer walks, took small teams there, and lifted up the name of Jesus over this place and his people…

Watch this video to find out what happened there a few months later:

Luna´s Graduation

Luna just graduated from the recovery program "HOPE House" and shared boldly her testimony in front of family and Highschool friends.

IMG 1201

IMG 1200
Those words popped up in my head every time we prayed for the coming weeks. With great expectation of how this »Miracle Month« would look like, we did our last preparations for a warm welcome to our guests.

Asian Teenager

And then they came: twelve Chinese children and teenagers from Austin looking forward to experience country life as something special. They came with open hearts and hard-working hands, and the time was full of laughter, playing and deep encounters with each other and God. The time went way too fast as we had to say goodbye again to our new friends.

Miracle March 07a No Compromise 03

And the Holy Spirit

The next team arrived from California to share life with us for one week. Some adults and a few teenagers with half of them of Asian background. Together we tried gardening and got to know a lot about the cactus family and agave. We started the journey to get to know the Holy Spirit better and opened our hearts to Him. What happened next was just the Holy Spirit at His best. Hearts with protective walls and defence got softened through love and acceptance. There was pure and true fellowship instead of carrying masks and hiding. The Holy Spirit connected us to God and to each other. By making room for God’s presence, everyone had their own special encounter.

Miracle March 05a

He is real

We had some precious experiences: »I felt like lifted up«, said J. (14 years). »I felt so much peace.« C. (12 years)
B. saw an angel in front of our Lifehouse and painted a picture about this never-ending love of God. The highlight of the week was activating the impression to wash each other’s feet. Everyone felt the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit and we all knew: something special has taken place!

Miracle March 04a Miracle March 03a

He sets us free

Gabi, our visitor for several weeks, wrote: »I wanted God to do something big and spectacular in my life which He did, just in a different way than expected. By the end of my time here, Holy Spirit showed me things in my heart … a lot that took the honor Jesus deserves, because deep inside I wanted to do all in my own strength. With Angelina being my witness and help, I confessed everything to God and asked forgiveness. That was huge! Not because it felt nice, but because it was obedience.«

Miracle March 08 

Human hearts 

So many different people, different stories - still God writes them all. Is there anything more precious than a human heart? Are there bigger miracles than human hearts changed by the Holy Spirit? What a privilege, to build a place for young people to get changed forever. As I am thinking about it now, I am reminded that we also received a donation of $ 5,000 this month. Wooow! Thank you for this miracle, Jesus!
As I gazed over the city of Lüdenscheid, I heard again the words that would forever change my life: »This is it.«

»Jesus, what do you want me to do?«

In the months before that, my heart had been a puddle of confusion and doubt. For years I had worked in dialysis, slowly taking classes towards my nursing degree, but I could feel that I was in the wrong place. I was passionate about caring for people, but it was clear to me that nursing was not my calling. I remember sitting around the table with my friends on New Years Eve, sharing what our goals were for the next year, and what we were looking forward to. When it was my turn to share, I couldn’t think of anything even remotely worth sharing. That night, and every night since, I prayed, »Jesus, what do you want me to do?«

IMG 4178

That May, I was miraculously able to attend FCJG’s Burning Hearts Conference in Germany. I knew that God really wanted to speak to me, so I went expectant to hear His voice. While at the conference I heard many great speakers, but I still wasn’t sure why God had brought me across the world. After the conference, we were able to tour some different places associated with HELP International, including their rehabilitation center the Wiedenhof (in English, the Father’s House). It was here, that standing on the roof overlooking the city I heard the Holy Spirit call me saying, »This is it.«

The dream

In that moment, God reminded me of a dream He had planted in my heart years before of a place called HOME, where the broken were brought in, made whole through the power of the Holy Spirit, and where Christians lived like the Christians in Acts: sharing everything together and walking in God’s power. The people here were doing that! It was so clear to me that Jesus was calling me to leave my life behind and follow Him to the ends of the earth. Walking down stairs, I met with Arne, the leader of the Wiedenhoff, and shared what God had spoken to me. He encouraged me to listen to His voice, and that if God called me, He would make a way. When I shared that I felt like I was supposed to come to Germany to do the REVIAL SCHOOL on the Move with the friends I had traveled with, it seemed as if God had confirmed this through them as well.

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In the time since, this call has been confirmed again and again. In May I quit my job, and have moved in full time to the mission base in Austin, TX. I will attend the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move beginning in January 2020. The school will consist of moving to three different nations (Germany, Mongolia, and the Philippines) to learn what it looks like to be a full time missionary, fully surrendered to Jesus. My intention is to continue as a missionary, wherever God calls me, after the school. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow in this next season!
»Come and follow me«, called Jesus the first disciples 2000 years ago. And he is calling YOU today!

The disciples dared to leave everything behind immediately and followed Jesus wherever he went, doing the things he did. Would you like to do the things Jesus did?

No Compromise 06

Hunger for more

If there is a YES in your heart, a hunger for more and a desire to step into the missionary lifestyle, you are warmly invited to join us for this three-month-training track. A destiny prepared by God’s very heart awaits you.

No Compromise 09

Training for something fresh

You will be part of an international family and a global missions movement. On our base, in the heart of Texas, you will receive practical training and discipleship. Following the example of the early church, we will seek God’s kingdom first by praying, working and reaching out together – sharing our lives in the power of the Holy Spirit. ARE YOU READY?

No Compromise 08

Information and Application

Get more information and apply here

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At the end of last year we experienced the faithfulness of God in a wonderful way, and are excited to share the news with you:

Donation of Land

Nine years ago, William, a business man from Austin, bought the 10 acre property we are based on, and let us use it for free for all these years. What a tremendous blessing! But in order to move ahead with planning - and the subsequent building on the land- the importance of owning the land became more obvious. We have been praying about owning the land for some time. This year we met with William two times to discuss the arrangement with the land. Initially, he was willing to sell the property to us for US$ 250,000 even though the value of the property is more than US$ 300,000. When the offer was first presented, we didn't have any money , but whenever we prayed, we sensed that God wanted us on that land, and that He would give it to us. It was also on our hearts to continue to believe and pray for a donation, even though it seemed unlikely.

Then, on December 14, one day after all the Revival School on the Move leaders from the nations had arrived to meet with us, we received an email from William: »Merisha, I have good news. God has blessed my family and me financially. As a result, I am in a position to transfer the title of the property over to Help for all Nations as a gift, at no cost to your organization. My attorney is preparing the paperwork to do this. All praise belongs to God who provides!«

What a miracle! What a God! He answers our prayers, and He moves hearts as He pleases! We are so thankful for this and look forward to see how God will continue to move. This is His land! And this is our victory – thank you for agreeing with us in prayer!

Next Steps

Now that we officially own the land, there are some important things that need to be done:

Administration: We have to get insurance for the property, apply for property tax exemption, get a professional survey of the land, etc.

moving forward in faith 07

Masterplan: We are also in the process of finalizing the masterplan, and putting together a brochure to present the vision in a very practical way.

Septic System: We need US$ 35,000 to install a sufficient septic system and drain-field on the property. This needs to happen before we build anything else. The plans are ready, and we have someone to put it in. We are still US$ 5,000 short.

Donations towards the Septic System

If you would like to support us with the costs of the septic system and laying the foundations of future building projects on our property, you can do it here:

Cheques made out to HfaN:
HELP for all Nations, Inc.
P.O. Box 8107
Austin, TX 78713

de pp logo 200px

A new Season

In this new time, we need prayer support, practical help, and local people to join our team in bringing the vision to life. Can you envision becoming part of what God is doing here? If so, please reach out to us.
We also have several areas where we are in need of practical help: administration, accounting, building projects, landscaping, and more.
We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months about our plans for the property, and to tell of the GREAT wonders of God. He is good!!

auf dem Weg ein Menschenfischer zu werden...
Life is making history compiled of stories that individuals live through. Today, we want to introduce Jonathon to you who is living with us for some time:

Somewhere in Texas

Jonathon was born in Galveston, a Texan through and through. His parents are of Mexican descent, however, his father moved out while he was very young, so he grew up without a father figure. Despite this missing influence in his life, his mother did a good job raising her two sons. Jonathon grew up into a young man that the world would call normal. He worked and was hanging out: partying, using drugs and booze to enjoy life. Yet, it all left a gaping hole in his life which got even worse when he moved to Austin and got involved in the Sixth Street party scene. Despite the downward spiral, he knew in his heart of hearts that this wasn't it and was searching ...

Follow me 03

Changing point

Four years ago, he started going to church and finally had a glimpse of what he was longing for. He realized it was a life lived with and for Jesus. He accepted Jesus into his life, gave up his partying and just knew that he was finally on the right track. A friend took him along to our Revival Night - where young people who are hungry for more, gather to worship Jesus as they are led by the Holy Spirit. He felt God's presence here and so, he came again and again. He spent weekends working on the property with others, worshipping Jesus together or in public during evangelistic outreaches on Sixth Street.

Follow me 04   Follow me 05

First steps on water

This was it, he knew that this was what his heart was seeking - to have Jesus in the center, with everything revolving around Him.
Now that he'd found it, was he willing to pay the price for it? His answer was yes and soon the first test came. »Leave your nets and follow me«, Jesus told the first disciples in Matthew 4:19. Jonathon knew God was speaking to him. After much prayer, he gave up his job and in December, he moved in with us with a longing for more of God and all that He has for him. Given such a foundation, the Holy Spirit didn't waste any time. After only one week, Jonathon experienced his first financial miracle and knew that he was on the right path. As more time went by, a desire started to grow in him: to preach the gospel to the lost.

»And he said to them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.« (Matthew 14:19-20)

Follow me 06

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