... or: How does faith grow? As they found out that the place where they had planned summer camp was full of bed bugs the youth group of the San Marcos Community Church, didn´t know what to do. What first looked like a huge disappointment turned out to be a fun, loud, crazy adventure full of blessings and unforgettable experiences!
For two days the 16 teenagers and the staff members stayed on our property and helped us with painting our house and other practical work.

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During the working time we had some deep conversations with our special guests and one of them told us that while painting he felt the presence of God stronger than he had in a long time!
Rachel, who already took part in so many youth camps, said: »Camp helped me see my relationship with Jesus in a different way than I've ever experienced. I began to see Jesus as my best friend.«

It's so simple

By simply living together, worshipping Jesus and reading their Bibles many of them were touched, encouraged and encountered God in a deeper way.
This is how we want to live, our vision and purpose on this place: sharing life with one another, cultivating a lifestyle of love, worship, prayer and discipleship, where people meet God in the everyday's life, just like the first Christians did.

Faith in action

Together we learned how to train our faith and pray for the sick. For example on the first evening, during the devotional time, one of the guys had a really bad headache. We all prayed for him but nothing really happened and soon after that we started worshipping Jesus. While we were singing someone had the impression to pray for that guy again, he did and the headache was gone instantly! You should have seen the look on his face! He was in such awe that God would just suddenly and completely heal him. His faith became real that night. THANK YOU, JESUS!

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This is what the youth pastor said ...

»We are so appreciative of the Help for All Nations property and ministry. There is such a peace on that land. As soon as our students walked on the property, they felt loved and full of joy. Your ministry team was so accommodating, joyful and anointed for the ministry. Our students learned valuable teachings that they will take with them forever. During our camp, we had at least eight miracle healings! I cannot thank you enough for your faithfulness and the work you do at HELP for all Nations! We look forward to partnering with you more in the future.«
Jon Zmikly
Youth pastor, San Marcos Community Church

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The youth group - the camp - and this is the video ... click here and find out more!
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