At the end of last year we experienced the faithfulness of God in a wonderful way, and are excited to share the news with you:

Donation of Land

Nine years ago, William, a business man from Austin, bought the 10 acre property we are based on, and let us use it for free for all these years. What a tremendous blessing! But in order to move ahead with planning - and the subsequent building on the land- the importance of owning the land became more obvious. We have been praying about owning the land for some time. This year we met with William two times to discuss the arrangement with the land. Initially, he was willing to sell the property to us for US$ 250,000 even though the value of the property is more than US$ 300,000. When the offer was first presented, we didn't have any money , but whenever we prayed, we sensed that God wanted us on that land, and that He would give it to us. It was also on our hearts to continue to believe and pray for a donation, even though it seemed unlikely.

Then, on December 14, one day after all the Revival School on the Move leaders from the nations had arrived to meet with us, we received an email from William: »Merisha, I have good news. God has blessed my family and me financially. As a result, I am in a position to transfer the title of the property over to Help for all Nations as a gift, at no cost to your organization. My attorney is preparing the paperwork to do this. All praise belongs to God who provides!«

What a miracle! What a God! He answers our prayers, and He moves hearts as He pleases! We are so thankful for this and look forward to see how God will continue to move. This is His land! And this is our victory – thank you for agreeing with us in prayer!

Next Steps

Now that we officially own the land, there are some important things that need to be done:

Administration: We have to get insurance for the property, apply for property tax exemption, get a professional survey of the land, etc.

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Masterplan: We are also in the process of finalizing the masterplan, and putting together a brochure to present the vision in a very practical way.

Septic System: We need US$ 35,000 to install a sufficient septic system and drain-field on the property. This needs to happen before we build anything else. The plans are ready, and we have someone to put it in. We are still US$ 5,000 short.

Donations towards the Septic System

If you would like to support us with the costs of the septic system and laying the foundations of future building projects on our property, you can do it here:

Cheques made out to HfaN:
HELP for all Nations, Inc.
P.O. Box 8107
Austin, TX 78713

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A new Season

In this new time, we need prayer support, practical help, and local people to join our team in bringing the vision to life. Can you envision becoming part of what God is doing here? If so, please reach out to us.
We also have several areas where we are in need of practical help: administration, accounting, building projects, landscaping, and more.
We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months about our plans for the property, and to tell of the GREAT wonders of God. He is good!!

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