In the past two weeks we`ve been on the move with one message: The fire of the Holy Spirit! We believe that, more than anything else, this is needed today, especially in our western world: the gospel demonstrated with power. Let's take a look at the life of Jesus. Right from the start of His public life and ministry, the one thing that truly amazed the people about Him was the authority, the power that backed up all He did and said.

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»And they were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority ...«, we read in Mark 1:22. Nowadays, we have an endless reservoir of sermons, services and programs. But where is the true power of the Holy Spirit? The power of God, which does what we could never do - revealing the Father, delivering us, healing us, leading us to repentance, transforming us into the image of Jesus, commissioning us into our destiny.
We believe that the move and work of the Holy Spirit are not just nice add ons, but actually the one thing that we cannot go without, the foundation of it all. Wherever we went, we encountered people from various backgrounds, hungry for more - and were amazed to see how the Holy Spirit moved … Here a few spotlights for you:


»In February of this year, I was in a skiing accident. I landed on my right shoulder and head at the same time, tearing my neck/spine. I have been on pain killers and have had several MRIs done. Constant pain for 10 months. I was scheduled for surgery on December 8. That was until Walter and Merisha came to my church and the Spirit moved and instantly I was healed! I have now cancelled my surgery and have no pain. Again, this was not a minor ache, but major pain to the point only opioids would allow sleep. This is not a friend of a friend or some story on the internet…but ME!«
Randy, San Marcos, TX

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»During the worship service I sensed that God was going to physically come upon me. I was hesitant to say Yes and surrender to it at first, but I knew I had to. The Holy Spirit then began to physically shake me. I had seen this happen before but never experienced it. I knew it was the lightnings of God coming into me and breaking off fear and doubt, which was later confirmed. God revealed many more amazing things that night that I’m excited to explore with Him! I’m so thankful for HELP for all Nations and their amazing team here in Texas!«
Cade Criddle


»We are still talking about your impact on all of us! What a blessing! I have had a supernatural flowing ever since - and see the difference now in regards to being baptized and to Holy Spirit baptismal.«
Catherine, Celebration, FL

»The passion that Walter Heidenreich and Merisha Janke have for Jesus and the world is contagious. Time with world changers like these two have profoundly marked my life.«
Joel Lowry 

»I want to help building the buildings that are needed, that's easy for me. But I also want to go to 6th Street, I want to pray for the sick, I want to disciple. The German missionaries are praying for Americans to join them - and I realized, they have been praying for me. I believe for lives to be transformed here at this place, through the community life and through the presence of God that will be at the center of it all.«
Bruce Marshall
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