American Dream...?

A year ago, most people would look at our family and say, “Now, that is about as good as it gets”. We reside in a wonderful town, live in a custom-built home, have successful careers, serve in our church, have healthy relationships, and most importantly love Jesus.

American Dream 03

a lot of questions

But last summer, our family began to experience a shift inside of our hearts, leading us to step back and evaluate the direction of our lives. Were we walking in the full will of the Lord, or did we somehow slide into what the culture says a “Christian family” in America should look like? Were we too “comfortable”? Were we limiting God by “sticking to our plan”? All of these questions (and more!) began to stir last summer after our family became involved with HFAN.

new friends...

We painted walls, pulled weeds, and more…but what we didn’t expect was to be so changed by the people we met. The love of Jesus flowed out of each of them, and we knew right away that God was speaking to us. We were attracted to the freedom and joy that these new friends carried. We were struck by the openness of their future to God’s lead. And while we recognized that our life was full of the Lord’s provision and blessings, it seemed that God was calling us to something new.

& new steps

When they invited us to join them at “Burning Hearts 2018”, it seemed a far-stretch, but after God confirmed in our hearts to go…we did!

American Dream 04
Since then, we have continued to pursue God’s vision for lives, laying down all of our plans at His feet. We have joined in “No Compromise” as best we can (with the kids in school, full time jobs, and living an hour away from HFAN!)…and it has been a true blessing. We, as well as our children, have grown in God and have been stretched to new levels over the last month. As we continue to pray about potential changes in our family’s way of life, we are so thankful that God lead us to HFAN.
He is definitely showing us what a life radically devoted to Him looks like, and this is what America desperately needs!

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