End of August 2017. The news is filled with news about the situation in Texas. Hurricane Harvey dashed at high speed towards Texas’ cost. Within minutes there was destruction all around. The rain and masses of water swept along anything that was in the way – houses, cars, people. It was not only small villages that were hit, but even big cities. Houston – a city approx. three hours by car from our base in Austin – is flooded. Over half a million of people lost everything, they are faced with ruin. Tragically, some even lost their lives ...
The government says that Harvey has been one of the worst natural disaster that hit the USA in and it might probably become one of the most expensive.

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... but God’s plans are greater

»In and through this situation I know and believe that God has good plans for Texas«, says Merisha Janke (leader of HfaN). Yes, the present situation is tragic, but despite this tragedy it is an opportunity at the same time to share the Good News of Jesus with people who are hopeless, injured and desperate, to pray for them and actively demonstrate the love of God to them. In all hopelessness, Jesus is still the rock on which we firmly stand, and we know: our Redeemer lives and he is mighty to save! He wants to draw all people unto himself - and even more right now! We are so grateful that as team we are here and able to not only pray, but also to practically help ... and you can join us in this approach. Please watch this video and we’ll tell you how:


Texas needs help

Over half a million of people lost their homes; hundreds of thousands are left with what they wear on their bodies. The city of Austin has decided to welcome evacuees from the areas of calamity and grant them first aid. Churches all over Texas are packing and distributing »Survivor Kits« containing basic provision: towels, hygiene items, tooth brushes, etc. One »Survivor Kit« costs approx. US$ 38 – that’s what it takes right now to help one person. We are packing such »Survivor Kits« and include encouragement and prayer that each may be a blessing to its recipient. Furthermore, we personally know people and organizations who are going into these areas of calamity, and we want to support them financially. Thank you very much for helping us so we can help people in need. We are so grateful for everything that you are giving towards us, for all support!

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