For 40 years we have experienced the power of God. He is always up for something in our international community in in the nations (HELP) as well as in our homebase in Lüdenscheid (FCJG). We cannot and don't want to be silent about all the wonderful things that God is doing - the healings, signs and miracles, answers to our prayers ... and how everything actually started ...

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Visionary, interdenominational, international

We are one international community with one mutual vision and commission, living in different nations, serving the poor and needy, leading people to Jesus and with that to receive true life alongside with deliverance from any bondage, however, above all we are taking the Good News »to the ends of the earth«. That's just one side ...
Jesus said - and he always meant what he said - that the kingdom of God is amongst us when we cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead ... and with that he walked the talk. Incredible stuff - however, God wants to demonstrate his kingdom in power today, too, through us his people. As for us, we cannot and don't want to hold back all the good and miracles that God is doing in Germany and the nations thus encouraging our readers to reach out for more of God and his dimension. What God is doing with and through us, he wants to do with and through everybody - that's his plan ... there is so much more for the people of God to explore. Therefore, the HELP Info/Unser Weg (Our Path) is not simply HELP International's and FCJG's organ to communicate what is happening in our communities but it's rather an means of giving exhortation and vision to the international body of Christ today. We are publishing this magazine in English and German and you can subscribe for free and receive it online (by eMail), download it or we sent the printed magazine to you. We are looking forward to your subscription.

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»Jesus also did many other things. What if every one of them were written down? I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written..« (John 21,25 – NIRV)
BURN … burning hearts for Jesus, for people and nations. In the following pages, we want to encourage you to expect God to release his Holy Spirit; to move in your life and through you.
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