For three months the REVIVAL SCHOOL on the Move is living in our House of Friends in Bangkok (find more about the REVIVAL SCHOOL here). As already mentioned in our previous blog the house is packed with people and community-life is a lot of fun!

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Our week

We take the mornings to spend time in God's presence. That includes praying in tongues, worshipping Jesus, studying the Bible together or there is a teaching on various topics. Following that we are doing regular duties: renovating the house, doing the grocery-shopping, cleaning or simply cooking - because everyone enjoys the delicious Thai food! In the afternoons we are finishing our regular or we are doing prayer outreaches to our neighbourhood or we go out ministering to the homeless people and demonstrate the love of God.

And besides all that we’re seeing the guys of the rehab quite often! Community life is an unusual experience for the Thais, however, in our place it develops quickly and we love to have all kinds of guests who like to join and get to know us and the ministry.

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On the Move

We’re on the move inside and outsides of Thailand, too. In June we spent four days in Pattaya City to worship Jesus and to share the hope of Jesus with people. We could see how open people are - everyone we talked to wanted to receive prayer afterwards! And we’re going there again soon.
However, our next stop is Laos: We will do an outreach during which we are meeting other Christians whom we will support and encourage. And we’re exited and curious to see whether God has prepared anything for us that leads us beyond Thailand's borders. By doing all of that we experience how challenging and exiting it can be to follow Jesus' footsteps! This school is just made for this!

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