Our ministries in Bangkok have expanded drastically - in covers the city but also reaches into the nation. People hear about us and want to experience what we experience. They are seeking change and are not satisfied anymore with what they have. We just love to teach and train others in the ways that have served us and rejoice in the developments of our friends.

House of Friends 01

House of Friends

This house is not only a home to former rehab guests who want to take new steps in life, but it's also open to friends: Those interested in getting to know our community and the way we live, who want to join us for a while and don't desperately come from a drug background. It's here where hearts bond, where young and old gather and where we follow one aim: We want to help people to enter into true discipleship and become true followers of Jesus, and those coming to us want to receive. Our emphasis is evangelism, prayer, worship and training. We are hosting trainings and seminars at the House of Friends which touch a variety of topics - all to equip people for life. From time to time we welcome national and international speakers.

House of Friends 02

The pathway to the target

Together with our friends as well as those living with us at the House of Friends, we want to take evangelism to the city as well as other part of Thailand and send out evangelistic teams abroad - to the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, etc. So far this was not the any of the agenda of the Thai people.
Doing that, sharing our hearts and lives as well as living in community is a vital aspect. Personal maturity of faith as well as the development of our character are supported by living together in close fellowship and sharing our hearts and issues with one another. People experience spiritual maturity and learn to discern what their giftings, destiny and calling are.
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