People are precious and there are no hopeless cases in this world. Maybe it seems like there is nothing possible anymore, however, we have made different experience and we will not stop believing that everything is possible with God ...

The Shelter

After a random life in the streets, in slums or gangs, marked by drug abuse and alcohol addiction, those seeking help find a place of acceptance and restoration at The Shelter. Many of the men who come to us finally get back on track to normal life and its structures - three warm meals a day, including the feeling of being welcome. Despite of their past, our rehab guests experience that God accepts them and that they grow to be mature individuals by the power of his love. The average therapy program is 12 to 14 months which can be complemented by another 12 months of the aftercare program at the House of Friends.

Shelter 01

Change is possible

We are convinced that everyone who is seeking help with us will experience transformation. Therefore we have created opportunities for our mates and rehab guests to take responsibility for certain areas of work and life and to be able to develop own ideas. Gaining new perspectives, hope, confidence, self-esteem and a restored relationship to their heavenly Father are natural results of a life lived in our community!

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