»It brings me great joy to see how entire lives, families, and regions have been transformed by the power of God. Yes, Jesus’ love is victorious. It's this same power which has touched and changed our staff, my family, and myself. What a privilege it is to leave our past completely behind us — from addiction, brokenness, humanism and other ways of life in which we were lost. In return, we have been  undeservingly given a great purpose and a destiny far beyond our imagination.

We are currently in the process of buying a house which the REVIVAL SCHOOL will call home. It will be a place where young people with burning hearts for Jesus find their destiny and identity. We are convinced that every person is unique and has an important role to play in Jesus’ wonderful redemption plan.

Now, we welcome you to jump in with us and read on. And by the way, you’re welcome to come visit us at HELP International Philippines anytime.«
Jonathan Pieren
Chairman of HELP International Christian Missionary Community, Inc.
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The Missions Training Center’s Vision

It is a joy for us to see people find their identity and destiny in Jesus. Christians who love Jesus and are ready to totally lay down their lives and go into all the world, to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God, and to make disciples of all nations.

We want to see young people on fire for Jesus with a passion and compassion for the lost. We want to see pioneers emerge and go to new places, islands, and nations to spread the gospel. We envision new houses of God’s mercy open for the broken to heal. Believers shall be so consumed by the love of Jesus that they bring it to a broken and depraved world.

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Mission - Making Jesus Known

The Missions Training Center will be integrated into the HELP International community. The REVIVAL SCHOOL students will participate in the existing ministry opportunities in order to learn and practice what is being taught in the classroom. That includes e.g. regular street and slum outreaches, sharing the Gospel of Jesus one-to-one, prayer walks or worshiping Jesus in public places, discipleship training, teachings and practical application at our drug rehab, children´s home, prison ministry etc., doing short-term mission outreaches and so on.

The Project

We are very thankful for the property we have found. The quiet, easily accessible location is an ideal base for our Missions Training Center. The current buildings have space for 12 to 15 students, as well as staff members. There is a dining area, office space, and a place for our meetings and small events. We expect the school will grow and require more room. We have worked with an architect for several months to develop plans to suit these needs. Now, we are excited to present the project plan to you and take you into it.

Stage 1: Purchase of the property and renovation of the present buildings.
Stage 2: Conversion of the attic in the present main building to a complete third floor.
Stage 3: An additional 3-story building on back lot (meeting hall, office space, living space, prayer room)

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Plans & Schedule of Purchase and Development

The property we have found has 890 m2 across three lots. One of the lots has a 15-year-old two-story building with a spacious attic. The second lot is currently a beautiful garden, and the third has a large covered car parking area and generous workers’ quarters-- a fairly large living space.

Our immediate plans:
  • The main house is in good shape and will mainly need to be repainted.
  • The restrooms need to be re-done to suit the needs of the community.
  • The workers’ quarters need overall renovation.
Further on:
  • In 3 years, we plan to convert the attic of the main building into a third floor.
  • In 6 years, we want to build a second house on the lot where the parking lot and the workers’ units currently are.
Overview of costs

Be part of this vision

Making this Missions Training Center come in existence...together with you!

  1. By praying: You may join one of our prayer chat groups.
  2. Visit us: As HELP Philippines, we host outreaches, welcome volunteers, and also embrace shorter visits for mutual encouragement.
  3. Finances: God loves a cheerful giver, and it is another vital part to advance God's Kingdom. (Regular donation or one-time donation)
  4. Fundraising: Share this project with your church, family, friends etc.
Thank you for your friendship, your support in prayer and finances. It gives us great joy when you stand with us, as we take a leap of faith.


Walter rund»Jesus' Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 applies to all disciples of Jesus Christ. It was this Great Commission that led us to the Philippines many years ago. The Holy Spirit and leaders of various churches called us to come and serve the poor and needy in this beautiful nation and to train and equip the Body of Christ to do the same. Over the years, our local ministry in Manila has grown and developed greatly, and now we are about to purchase another house -- and we are doing so by faith. Please pray with us and support us financially, so we can soon purchase this beautiful house in order to fulfill our commission even more effectively.«
Walter Heidenreich
President of HELP International and FCJG Lüdenscheid

Petra Wald rund»HELP’s mission history is over 25 years old and is inseparably connected to the prayer, “Lord, send workers into your harvest!” As a missions organization, it is our goal to fulfill the commission God has given us in the nations. To accomplish this, it takes people who willingly lay down their lives without any time limit. With this in mind, our REVIVAL SCHOOLs train people for full time ministry in the nations and send them to make Jesus known everywhere and to demonstrate the Gospel in power. Let it be to drug addicts or street kids, when we feed the hungry or comfort the mourning, or preach God’s love, Jesus, to the people. As the body of Christ, we are called to go and bring the Good News to the lost— today!«
Petra Feddersen
Chairwoman of HELP International, Inc. 


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