It’s been more than two years since there was no state school due to Covid restrictions. It wasn’t easy, especially for those kids who couldn’t attend school online. And now they’re expected to just jump straight into school again even though they missed so many lessons?

There must be a solution and suddenly there was a man, a professional teacher who would invest his free time to train and teach the kids on »Smokey Mountain«! And imagine he was not the only one.

Suddenly Everyone was a Teacher

We still had two weeks until our summer school would start on August 1st. Our living room was packed with people. Some of the parents from Smokey Mountain were being trained with us. Mr Emil has been a teacher for over 30 years. It is his heart’s desire to pass on his knowledge and experience. So he became a great blessing for us in the middle of Tondo.

Da rauchten die Köpfe auf Smokey Mountain 03

We wanted to have a three weeks summer school just before the government schools were to reopen after two years of pandemic. Mr. Emil taught us how to teach the children the Alphabet, reading and writing.

So we all became teachers in those three weeks. Every morning the children were waiting for us in the classroom. They were nicely dressed and squeaky clean.

Coming from Germany it was great for me to see with how much joy the children and teachers focused on the task. »It’s more fun in the Philippines«: That is the Philippines’ slogan. I can only recommend a visit, so you can find out the truth of that for yourself.

After God´s Heart

We had 34 pupils, divided in two approx. even groups according to age. One was for five to ten year old kids, the other for ten to twelve year olds. Each group was taught for two hours. There was a break and some food in-between.

Da rauchten die Köpfe auf Smokey Mountain 12

Classes were held in our service sanctuary. We were able to build great relationships with our students, to pray for them, tell them about Jesus and share His love.


One of our young coworkers, Patrick, who experienced Jesus and got set free of drugs in our rehabilitaion center, became the children’s favorite. Patrick certainly would not have expected to teach classes in school! He is great at motivating the children to study and everyone does it with lots of fun. Also the parents and children did a great job!

Da rauchten die Köpfe auf Smokey Mountain 07

On the last Friday of our three-weeks-school we had a graduation celebration. It was a great event. Children and parents were dressed in their best clothes. There were performances, e.g. some children had prepared a dance. Everyone had a good time with great food.
All children received a certificate of participation, so each child was particularly honored for their effort. Also, a gift of pens and other school utensils were given to all of them.

Da rauchten die Köpfe auf Smokey Mountain 11

A Way of Transformation

Our vision at HELP Tondo is to see this place transformed through sharing God’s love. That looks like: holding services, times of worship, providing education, distributing food, and fellowship…
With the summer school we were able to contribute to that vision. We are so thankful for all God is doing in this place!

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Children are a gift from the LORD; a productive womb, the LORD’s reward. As arrows in the hand of the warrior, so also are children born during one’s youth. Psalm 127:3-4 ISV

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