Lately the Philippines were hit by two very strong Typhoons within one week. One brought very strong winds and destroyed or damaged a lot of houses and farmlands. Storm Ulysses followed with lots of rain. Areas near riverbanks where severely flooded. We brought immediate help to three different places near the Marikina River and visited different communities. As we brought food, tools, electric wire and new testaments, we were always able to share the good news and prayed for many.

As there were still funds remaining, we decided to drive further away where the needs still seemed bigger. After we connected with a young Pastor, we prepared our car for a 10-12hour`s drive to the southeast of Manila all the way down to Bicol province.

»We rise by lifting others.« Robert Ingersoll

Glaube in Aktion 17

Open Doors & Open hearts

We are so grateful of how God arranged our time in Bicol. It was Him who made the connections that led us the Arise and Shine Fellowship in Bicol Albay. Through Pastor Elijah John Reyes congregation we were given much favour and opportunities to distribute some relief goods and to share the good news with so many different people groups. All of them were encouraged through our life testimonies and the power of the Holy Spirit was at work. We were able to pray with big groups and individuals in different locations!

The on site situation

Compared with the situation in parts of Metro Manila the effects of last year´s flood in Bicol were even worse: Here it was not only the water, that destroyed houses and took the lives of many people but there were devastating mudslides and scree avalanches rushing down from the Mayon Volcano that buried countless houses.

While walking around, giving out some construction tools and praying with the disaster victims, we heard many testimonies how God saved their lives miraculously!

You could feel the lingering heaviness and sadness around as most of those families even at this time of pandemic had no place to live in, nor did they have any clue how to get started with their lives again.

Would you help us to pray for all of these depraved families? Many elderly people even suffer from disabilities caused by the desaster. Sometimes we say that our life is hard, but how much harder it is for this community!

Thank you & continuation!

Thank you very much for all your prayers and donations towards this mission. You have touched and reached many lives. May God bless you abundantly!

This is His promise to us: »And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.« Isaiah 58:10

We ourselves got encouraged to see many teens and young people beeing on fire for Jesus, loving the Lord and serving others. As we got to know pastor Reyes personally now, we might have more outreaches to that community in the future.
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