Here at the Father's House, we couldn't go out for the last four months, because of the lockdown. However, we did other acitvities inside our home. Besides three weeks of homeschooling our kids, we did workshops to develop their talents. The kids could bake cookies and bread to bless the community and the frontliners of our village. Painting and sketching skills were enhanced. Building their desks and shelves from scratch was a good experience. Movie making and filming were fun.

Paintings of Hope

The three big paintings were made by kids of the Father's House, and they all carry a message of hope. HEAVEN IS REAL - our perspective should always be eternal life. OVERCOMER - we can overcome everthing through Jesus. GOD LOVES ALL THE NATIONS - the gosple remains the same and must be preached, for God so loves the world that he sent Jesus.

Lockdown 09

Backyard Camping

In the beginning of this year, we planned to go camping out in the woods. The kids were looking forward to it exictedly, but how could we do it when driving in and out of town was discouraged and restricted due to the lockdown! Any idea? How about our empty backyard! Besides learning survival skills like building a tent, making fire, butchering a chicken, filtering water, we also had good times in worship and learned about the kingdom of God. It was a great camp with God in our midst!

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