With more than hundred people all wearing red T-shirts, we were marching an S-shaped route through Tondo, proclaiming God’s salvation in this place: »Jesus is Lord! Hesus Hari ng Tondo! Jesus alone!« Someone had an impression that heaven is open, and his light shines into the darkness.« A small pick-up truck with the worship band was leading the troops. Through a microphone everyone could impact the walk. We recall the shouts of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ... cheers, joy and laughter. Banners were waved throughout the march as we passed by communities, marketplaces and junk shops. There was even a moment of dancing through the streets, lifting up the name of Jesus as King!

Tondo4Jesus 12

The parade

After a two-hour parade, we ended up on a basketball court in the middle of condominiums next to Smokey Mountain. Jayson shared his testimony on how Jesus saved him from the darkness, heavy drug addiction and how Jesus restored his life. There was deliverance of fear, so much hope spread in that place. Different nationalities and churches, and people of different ages came together to lift up the name of Jesus and to believe for transformation - TONDO4JESUS!

Tondo4Jesus 16

Above all else

When having our prayer and fasting week last January we heard God speak to us to do a worship march through Tondo. This was our starting point to plan for it. We connected with churches, looked for the route and booked courts. We advertised and mobilized, printed T-shirts and Tarpaulin, made banners, hire a sound system and more. However, above anything we did, we held on to and believed in the vision that God will bring transformation to this place and prepared this event in fasting and prayer. We added two nights of crusades to the event with Walter Heidenreich.

Tndo4Jesus 03

Our first task was to clean up the garbage, followed by inviting people of the surrounding, playing with kids that were covered in dirt, yet carried beautiful smiles. None of us had experience in doing such an event, but we worked hand in hand. We had meals outside in a canteen and slept squeezed together with many others on the floor. Our whole HELP Philippines community joined the march … only the watchdogs stayed back home. God was honored in those days and we are in awe of his mighty work. Indeed, his eyes are watching this place full of love and he crowns the people with beauty.

Tondo4Jesus 08


We believe this events has had great spiritual impact. God's presence brings change!!!
In a hallway of one building a lady asked: »How can this change happen? I heard those testimonies and gained hope to believe for my alcohol-addicted husband.«
Many followed the prayer to receive Jesus in their hearts – some silent others out loud. Nothing is impossible with our mighty God!


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