Catholics and those from Free Churches, students and politicians, from the Salvation Army and the Bruderhof, missionaries and prayer leaders and Christians from all three Viennese Houses of Prayer: Common prayer for Austria and its politicians.
It is amazing how deep worship can be - despite distance, mask and without singing. The songs were hummed along, spoken and prayed along in the heart. The prayer time that followed was powerful.

It had all started a year ago, when the first lockdown had just ended. It was obvious that our country and its leaders needed prayer and - finally! - it was possible to meet again. Quite spontaneously, Christians from different denominational backgrounds came together to pray for our country.

Shower from Heaven

"We prayed in great unity and friendship. Listening to the Holy Spirit. And trusting that the Lord would hear our prayer. Looking forward to what is yet to come."
Christoph Neuwirth, House of Prayer Loretto Community Vienna

"Such a joy after these weeks of physical separation! It feels so good to meet in person and come to Jesus together."
Ulrike Comer, Bruderhof Community

"My highlight was the diversity that came together in our prayer... across denominations and callings!"
Gaby Schubert, Mercy House of Prayer, Vienna

"We had a strong unity. I felt welcome at the IHOP of FCJG Vienna."
Priest Hans-Otto Herweg, House of Prayer Wiener Neustadt

"It was like an hour and a half shower from heaven."
An Austrian politician

And we will do it again! Being a blessing is so simple!

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