Yes, it really did feel like a piece of heaven on earth – especially what we got to see in our courtyard during the flea market. We meaning who? This year it was not just our house community and individual faithful helpers, but almost the entire REVIVAL SCHOOL from Lüdenscheid (Germany), which was on outreach at our place for multiple weeks.

Three days, over 1.000 people in our courtyard – and the Holy Spirit in action!

Our hearts were not just eager to sell, but to tell of Jesus and to see people encounter him. And so they did!

For hours

A young man stays for hours and talks to many of us. He soaks it all up, receives a prophetic impression and invites Jesus into his heart.


A woman has severe shoulder and neck pain. After prayer her pain goes from initial alleviation to being completely gone. She is astonished to raise her arm, which she was unable to do before.

Flohmarkt Bild 1


Two girls see words of knowledge – things the Spirit of God showed us about them – precisely detail their lives, are totally touched and invite Jesus into their lives.


After a young woman received a prophetic card with a personal word from God, she can't stop crying from being so moved. At the end she invites Jesus into her heart.

Flohmarkt Bild 2


A man comes in limping hard, with serious pain in his foot, and is visibly shaken after prayer – because suddenly he is able to walk normally again and the pain is almost gone. He invites Jesus into his heart.


A young man is initially quite skeptic towards God. As he feels both of his tennis elbows healed and his back pain vanishing, he has a real change of heart. For the first time he hears the true Gospel and later comes back with a female friend so we may pray for her as well.

And these are just some highlights!! This is our God! Who brings heaven to earth, who does miracles here and now, who sees, touches and saves the individual… More of that!!!

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