Actually we had envisioned everything very differently:
By middle of March we wanted to regularly be on the streets again. Around Floridsdorf railway station, where the need is greatest. It's a focal point of social issues in our area that almost feels like home to us. Alcoholics spend their days there, drugs are sold and thousands of "normal citizens" have to pass through there on their way to work. Last year we did outreaches there each week. To hundreds we have laid out the way from addiction and dead ends to God and lots have heard the gospel. And now, all of a sudden it was decided: "Lockdown – stay at home!"

Nonetheless many things are possible…

Prayer has power and often changes more than we can see immediately. God can and wants to do the "impossible". That is why we almost spend more time out now than before.
We pray in the car at Floridsdorf railway station or ride our bikes to strategic places to bless Vienna. Two by two we stroll through our neighborhood speaking blessings or we drive our red bus filled with worship and prayer through the city – especially to hospitals and the government.
You can see a snippet in this video here.

And what is the goal?

These intense times of prayer are a preparation for the times to come, when the city is opened up again. Our prayer today sets the stage for many people to encounter Jesus and be saved later.
Together with Christians from Austria and helpers from outside we want to do regular street outreaches again as soon as possible. Join in and sign up now for the living-with-us weeks in fall.
We are excited to meet you!!

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