Hi, I'm Steve and I've been given a new life by Jesus about half a year ago. I grew up in a desolate family in difficult circumstances. As a teenager, I regularly got drunk to the point of passing out and figured that there is no purpose in life. Throughout school, I felt existence was just a painful joke. I was looking for something to make life worth living or at least bearable. Eagerly I set out to find truth in all kinds of books. During my pursuit I began meditation. That didn't help and I only got worse.

Either »rolling« or on a »comedown«

When I was 19, I went through a failed suicide attempt. After that my social circles were continually getting darker and the drugs got harder. When I happened to be sober I generally escaped from reality by means of the internet. I was continually partying, spending my time either »rolling« or on a »comedown«. At this point, I was cool to the outside world and had the things the world has to offer. For some odd reason I was ashamed for what I had been doing, never truly feeling at peace in my heart. My pursuit for truth was growing and I got awfully curious when I realized how bible prophecies are supernaturally accurate.

The Bibel

I prayed to God: »If you want me to know you, you have to make a way for me to read the whole bible.« As if that would happen … I worked two jobs and spend my time outside. A few days later, out of nowhere, while I working, I had a testicular torsion. It required surgery, leaving me in bed for two months. With my new bible, that is. Alright, so God had spoken clearly enough and I had almost worked my way through his word in that time. But I didn't exactly feel like changing my lifestyle and so as soon as I got better, I called up my friends making plans for a big party. Towards the end of the night at 8:00 AM, after having had many chances to turn back, and just before I would have done a huge mistake, it happened. A testicular torsion on the other side.

Jesus couldn't have told me any clearer: »Don't follow your lust, follow me.« In the days leading up to the next surgery, I used a Youtube video to give my life to Jesus. I pleaded with God: »Alright, I'll do your will, but don't make me go through all that pain again!« Not only was I feeling as great as never before, but the surgery was pain-free. In the following time I quit using substances, clubbing and other dark past time habits. During this I didn't go through an inner conflict or withdrawal symptoms – Jesus had saved me.

Google it

Then I wanted to meet other people who got to experience God as I did. I prayed about it and went for a walk. I saw the HELP-FCJG sign and got curious what it was. A google search and a phone call later, I knew that the following day I would attend their church service. There I experienced the presence of God like never before and understood that this is the place Jesus wants me to be. The next step was my water baptism in the Danube River, and shortly after, I moved in with HELP-FCJG and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit there. Each day I learn to live by God's will - to be free. To my great joy, I can now share with my family, friends and strangers (e.g. when we do outreaches) of what Jesus has done in my life and how great he and his love are. It's always awesome when people encounter Jesus regardless of what they used to believe. I have seen people getting healed by the name of Jesus on several occasions, finding hope in hopeless situations and starting their new lives as children of God. Today I am happier than ever without all those things that used to hold me down. Thank you, Jesus!
Steve, 21 years old


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