»I thought I understood what it means not putting the Holy Spirit in a box, but when I came here I realized that I didn't at all. It was just amazing breaking down those walls and open up myself when it comes to worship. It was like heavenly worship, it was really not something we created, but really heavenly.
And it has been the most beautiful time of evangelism I've ever been in. It was really special. A lot of our evangelism times before has almost been like performance, but this was like a complete act of worship. It was just beautiful to see that people were drawn by the Spirit of God. It wasn't anything that we were doing, but just the presence of God.«
(Laura, Australia)

Kennst du den Bild I

Into worship

»This deep and intimate worship we experienced here made evangelism just so much easier and more natural. The way you worship here really deeply effects like every part of my life, but especially going out doing evangelism.«
(Britney, USA)

Kennst du den Bild II

Life changing

»For me it has just been really kind of life changing being here. It's amazing how present the Holy Spirit is in this place. I have never been involved with or even seen anything like how you worship. It is the farthest thing from my comfort zone, but I was so drawn in by the presence of the Holy Spirit.
When I started this program I told myself that I would not join in skits, I would not sing or dance in public and I would not share my testimony. Well that all changed here. It was amazing: I felt so free in the Holy Spirit that I danced and sang loud. I even gave a couple of testimonies at the mic. I have stepped completely out of my comfort zone and God has moved mountains in my life.«
(Kristi, USA)

Kennst du den Bild III

Without fear

»Coming here absolutely changed a lot. There were a lot of firsts like first time singing a spontaneous song or sharing on the streets. A lot of fear has gone.«
(Morgan, USA)

Kennst du den Bild IV

Where the Spirit of the Lord is…

We heard testimony over testimony like those from the participants of the DTS (Discipleship Training School) from Perth/Australia. For four days the 14-person team from YWAM (Youth With A Mission) was living and going with us into the presence of God as well as to the streets. Every testimony is unique, everyone experienced God in those days in a different way and very personally. And still one thing is somehow conspicuous: Everyone is telling of the powerful worship times, of the presence of the Holy Spirit, how He has changed them and how they experienced release to proclaim the gospel.
“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Cor 3.17). We've heard or maybe even proclaimed that verse already so often. And how wonderful is it to really experience it and to see how young people get transformed and released in the presence of God indeed.

Kennst du den Bild V

Love wants to get out!

Actually everything is quite simple. When we come together in His presence to worship Him, the Holy Spirit gives something to everyone: a new song, a bible verse, a dance... And by simply going with what he has given us, he comes with freedom and confirmation into our lives, ignites our heart even more for Himself and for what is on His heart. And a heart which is ignited by Him cannot hold back, cannot stay at home to worship Jesus only there, but it is pushing out, into the width, into the highways and hedges, into the cities, to the people. Because Jesus shall be exalted there as well. Because Jesus is Lord and King there as well. And because he will draw everyone to Himself where He is exalted. Why worship in our church buildings only? Jesus belongs to the streets! Where we worship something changes. In ourselves, but also in the spiritual realm, the atmosphere changes, cities and people get changed.


During one of our outreaches a 13-year old Muslim girl was standing with us for several minutes, drawn by the presence of God. She confessed that she didn't believe in Jesus, but that our singing was just so beautiful and that she sensed a difference. The Holy Spirit. It is Him drawing people, it is Him working healing. So one woman whose leg pain was healed asked us quite astonished, if that healing will stay forever. Yes, that is the love of God for the people out there and it's this love that eventually makes it easy for us to proclaim the gospel. Out of His presence, out of the intimate heart to heart worship, it's not hard work anymore, it's not exhausting or an annoying performance of duty anymore, but just the absolutely most natural thing. Because we are moved by His heart. By His love for this world, which we were able to experience ourselves. And because there is no fear anymore, but freedom in the Holy Spirit. The confidence that He is with us when we go or rather the confidence that it is HIM doing the things. In the complete dependency to the Holy Spirit, there is no fear of making mistakes anymore. Because HE is doing the things. And the more we know Him and surrender ourselves to His presence the more we experience that release and how He is working through us in power.

Do you know… the Holy Spirit?

That's what the team from Perth experienced, that's what we want to capture here more and more and that's for you as well! You're longing for a vivid relationship to the Holy Spirit and you want to get to know Him better? You want to experience how he leads you in worship and sets you free? You want to have a heart for evangelism and you're longing for His power to flow through you?
Then pray:
Holy Spirit I want to know you as you are. Fill me completely and change my heart. Amen.

If you would like to experience that and grow in community, you're also very welcome to join at our place! Just message us here in Vienna/Austria, in Lüdenscheid/Germany or in one of our other international bases (depending on where you are living) and come around!

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