Light in darkness

"I was really not aware, how Muslim Bosnia is" This sentence was heard repeatedly from one or the other member of our team. There is a mosque next to each school, everywhere you can see the minarets towering up into the sky. You can't just go to the streets and worship Jesus in public or preach the gospel. But above all this stands God and his light shines in darkness. How wonderful it was to hear Jesus meet Muslims and make them passionate followers and see small churches burgeoning and hungry for more from our living God.

"It was a privilege to get to know all these people, worship with them, strength and encourage them in their faith. Hearing their stories elevated me extremely" – Tobi, Vienna


Spiritual encouragement and confirmation from gods speaking was also received by a group of American missionaries. "Bosnia is well known as a graveyard for missionaries" – with this statement was our meeting rung, there was no sign of discouragement at the end any more. Thankfulness, hope and vision filled the room.


Worship as a key

Also our south-American missionaries/friends Oscar and Dania, who invited us, were happy and encouraged. Their aim among others is to establish a house church and it felt like it already started, when we were celebrating worship service with Bosnian friends in their garden. One special spiritual moment was, when during our worship under open sky a muezzin started to sing and at the same time the church bells rang, while a Bosnian was praising Jesus passionate and full-throatedly in her local language. That night something happened in the spiritual world!

DSC08694 2

"I feel that worship in truth and in spirit is a key for Bosnia. It was really special how just in worship so much encouragement was released. Worship times like these are very rare there because most of the ones we met cannot play an instrument. I firmly believe God wants to use us there to train His church in worship." – Franz, Vienna


Bosnia needs Jesus!

It was also special to visit the Bosnian capital Sarajevo and perceive spiritually. The Yugoslavian war is still present here, you can see a lot of monuments and the atmosphere is marked by mistrust and a clinging to the past. Bosnia needs healing, restoration and reconciliation - Bosnia needs Jesus! And Bosnia is on Jesus' agenda! He has salvation, healing and true peace for this wonderful country – Hallelujah!



"One of my highlights was to preach the gospel in one of the slums at people who live by collecting garbage. Afterwards a woman was healed from shortness of breath and could even dance through the room." – Sandi, Vienna

"I was extremely exhausted and tired before I was on the road with the team. Although I was translating a lot, I was totally refreshed and encouraged at the end of the three days. Even my Muslim girlfriend asked me in amazement that I was suddenly so fresh." - Azemina, Zenica/Bosnien

Mina I

We are totally grateful and encouraged by this time, all the open doors and hearts and are very excited about what God has in mind. We definitely believe that it was not the last time we were there and we have a great vision for further outreaches and workshops.

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