Mongolia has so far been very little affected by Covid-19. At the end of last year, however, there was an increase in cases. In Ulan Bator and other regions, the government immediately took strict measures. So we had a pretty tough lockdown in the past few weeks. Many shops were and still are closed, of course masks are compulsory, people cannot go to work for a long time, financial and other hardships affect people - also in Mongolia. Fear and insecurity are spreading. Our HELP ministry in Ulan Bator wants to counteract poverty and need among the population wherever possible. God has opened a door for us by giving us an official permit for a 24-hour round-the-clock mercy ministry for the homeless.

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Shelter in times of need

Our guests are very grateful for our shelter, because at night in Mongolia, winter temperatures can drop to -40°C and even below! Many have been living on the streets for years and have had a difficult life. Our facility is like a refuge for them, where they get a warm place to sleep, protection from the freezing cold, as well as food and clothing.

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New hope rises up

Shared meals alternate with times of worship, and practical work with each other allows us to get to know each other a little better. Again and again, we were allowed to help people in the medical field and bandage their wounds. Some even got a new haircut. Life on the streets is hard and takes its toll. We want to pass on God's love in a very practical way and show how valuable each and every one of them is in God's eyes.

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God makes everything new!

Just recently two people decided to go to Henti Province for long-term rehab (photo below left and right). It is so good to see how God changes hearts and how people are led by Him into a new life without addiction.

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