Hello friends, the HELP family from Bayan Ulgii has news from the land of the Kazakhs. This year, in cooperation with World Vision, a playground with fencing was built in a Muslim village for the village kindergarten. Through this project the whole village was influenced by the gospel. There was also a baptism this year - in the middle of the night - like Nicodemus, who came to Jesus at night and asked what he had to do to be saved. After much prayer and even more work, we could significantly expand an important work project of our community. We would now like to present this project to you a bit more.

B. Ulgii 2020 03

The carpentry is being renewed!

Our rehab Nadvariin Jim recently received brand new machines for the carpentry - Hallelujah! Our rehab people are especially happy about this - they can now get on with the production of doors, stairs as well as interior and exterior fittings of various kinds. In addition, the quality of the products will of course be improved, and last but not least, working with new equipment is simply more fun!

B. Ulgii 2020 04  B. Ulgii 2020 06

Sustainable Mission

The carpentry project under the management of Munkhuu is a really sustainable mission project. New jobs are created and the people who are joining the rehab program are introduced permanently to regular working life. Furthermore, by selling the products this project enables our HELP-ministry to take steps towards financial independence. And because of a close cooperation between staff and rehabilitants, genuine discipleship is lived in a very practical way.

B. Ulgii 2020 05


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