For the past year we have worked a lot to maintain our property – bit by bit. With several things that need to be done we have come to the limit of our practical knowledge and options ...

Pure blessing

Just recently we had all the money ready to buy a new floor for the Life House, however, the question was: Who is going to lay it? Help was on the way by a team from Lindale, a city in East Texas. Four strong and technically gifted men came over the weekend to lay the floor. They did such a great job and blessed us by this! However, they did not only have hands of gold but also hearts of gold.

Reflecting God's love

In the mornings they came for breakfast with radiant faces, encouraged everyone they encountered and beamed with life, joy and sereneness. Besides words of encouragement, they were ready to also bless us in very practical ways. One of the men spontaneously drove to the hardware store and bought a grill that we desired to buy for a long time. They were true mirrors of God’s Father heart, and the weekend we spent with them was so encouraging. This is our God – we ask for help to lay the floor, and he provides encouragement on all levels. When we make ourselves available to him, he does not only us our hands but also our hearts to bless others. Hands, hearts and our whole being made of gold.
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