Worship and Mission

In 2018 God spoke to us as HELP International that we should minister in Pattaya with our local “Revival School on the Move”. Pattaya is a small town in Thailand but Jesus decided 2000 years ago to die for every single person in Pattaya. He sees every single person there and suffers with them. That is reason why we want to bring the good news that Jesus loves them and died for them to this city. Briefly summarised: “Worship and Mission”.

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The name Jesus has to be praised there. We expect that the city will develop positively. We are convinced that he wants to change things supernaturally. We long for real transformation.

Our house

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We are planning to buy a house. It should serve as a center to live with students from all over the world. We also want to share everyday life with one another, just as the disciples lived with Jesus. We want to have times in God's presence when He prepares us to go and serve the people in Pattaya or worship Jesus publicly.
We have looked at various houses in the area of ​Pattaya and have now been offered a really great house. We already signed the purchase agreement in May. It offers space that we can live as a team on the one hand and on the other hand it has an extension where further rooms, each with a bathroom, are available for students. Really convenient, because you are blessed with Thailand's hot temperatures every step outside the door. This house offers enough space to have community. The seller is a local pastor and the price is calculated fairly. It is really a gift that we could find a house so quickly.

Have a part

As is well known, God has all the gold and silver in this world - what a promise. With regard to the purchase price, we always rely on this promise. We need around 220,000 euros to buy and furnish the house. If you would like to support us financially, we would be very grateful. You can find the account details for regular or one-time donations here (purpose: Pattaya). You are also welcome to pray that the vision and everything God plans for this city will happen as he wants. Your prayer will make the difference.

Unique treasures

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This new house is dedicated to the mission command. People should be trained here for missions and it will be our starting point to show people in Pattaya the mercy of God. Last year, as an RSotM student, Elisabeth experienced what this could look like in practice. “My favourite times in Pattaya were the evenings when we took to the streets to worship and to bring the gospel to the people. I have seen how in this place full of hopelessness God sees the individual and wants to meet them. For a woman, I had the impression to encourage her and give her hope that there is another, new life for her. When I talked to her and was able to pray for her, we were both encouraged because she longed for it and I could see new hope in her eyes. It's really strong to see how God encounters people and how He wants to do that with us. ”
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