Some weeks ago our students in Germany went to the airport. One team is on the move in Mongolia to make Jesus known in one of the most remote provinces of the country and another team is staying in Pattaya City in Thailand. For their third trimester they will pack their bags once more and get their boarding-passes ready for the next nation. Being on the move with Jesus - just like the disciples followed each of Jesus’ steps. Here Philip and Elisabeth are sharing the experiences they made on the way and how they encountered Jesus while following Him today:

Elisabeth - from the inside out

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Before coming to Thailand, God showed me that I just accepted many things in my life. Situations, circumstances, sickness - even though they were not according to His will.
The Holy Spirit showed me how I could bring change into those areas by taking initiative and proclaiming truth, taking in new land, and taking my place in the Kingdom of God. I decided to take his word seriously, to speak out truth where I do not yet see it, to proclaim his Kingdom in places where I don’t see it manifested yet.
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In the last weeks, walking and praying through Pattaya, I see how I have already grown in this. All kind of different things are worshipped all over the town but my aim is to see only Jesus glorified. I meet strangers in the streets and after listening to their stories I can speak truth over their lives. In my personal life I have decided not to accept hopelessness or sorrow anymore but to choose hope, to choose joy that comes from God. I am excited to go further in this with Him, to not live accepting and reacting to my circumstances, but to take my place and influence the situations through the power of Christ!

Philipp - a calling from God confirmed

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As I went to the Revival School on the Move I had already received a calling from God to be involved in evangelism. In my first trimester I heard a lot about the Holy Spirit and I knew that I would need Him to serve God. I started reaching out for the Holy Spirit and at one point He led me to the scripture of Isaiah 61 where it says: „The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach good news…“ and then I just knew God confirmed my calling once more and I knew the Holy Spirit is on me, too. Encouraged by that I went with the other students out to the streets to share about Jesus with other people and I realised how much fun that was and that my heart started burning for evangelism more and more.
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Here in Pattaya I can see that the Holy Spirit wants to show me more of his power in evangelism because the Holy Spirit showed several people to me to talk to and I could help them to become followers of Jesus themselves.
After several months of Revival School on the Move … I’m still amazed how God uses me for His kingdom.

And when will we meet you?

Really? You want to make the same experience? We are excited to share more about our missions and outreaches with you online but it’s even better to take part yourself! Here you’ll find all informations for the coming year 2020 - ‘It’s a privilege to go!

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