A grateful heart is a great encouragement. Here in the Set Free Center, many drug addicts and alcoholics seek help and are set free. Many lives have been changed! One thing that encourages us is when we know that our former guests are living the new life they have found with Jesus. But it's even sweeter when they come and visit the place which they call »home«. This is then the homecoming of a brother, not as a prodigal but as a radical! A radical person who made a decision to let go of their old self and to embrace the new life. During last Christmas’ season, a handful of former guests came to visit and even brought gifts and treats for everyone in the house. They are so grateful for what Jesus has done in their lives. And because of that, as a thanksgiving, they come and say »thank you«.

Ein dankbares Herz 07

Thank you!

In line with this, we also want to say »thank you« for your love and all support in helping us to run this ministry of reconciling God's children back to the Father. We appreciate you very much!

Men of Revival

In November 2017, we started to gather former guests of the Set Free Center for fellowship and worship. There was a great response and we saw the hunger in these brothers, so we decided to meet once a month. Many got encouraged and while we worshipped, prayed and fellowshipped over a meal, a fire started to burn in their hearts. We call this group MORe (Men of Revival) and the gatherings MORe Sessions. We believe that revival will break out among drug addicts and we believe that God is raising real men who worship Him in the Spirit and in truth.

Ein dankbares Herz 03

I won't forget

»Even though I moved on to live my own life outside of the community, I did not forget where I came from, the people that introduced Jesus to me. This is where I found Jesus. I won’t forget this place!« (Percy)
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