I was 19 years old, somewhere in the Philippines, just finished my school and on my first short term mission outreach. “God am I supposed to stay here for good?“

The next years I joined outreach teams to Thailand, China, Mongolia, Romania, India, Berlin and Amsterdam. And I always had the same question: “Is this were I am supposed to stay? Jesus, I would do it for you. Leave my friends, family and home. Learn a new language (Ouch!), get used to the climate, the culture...“. His answer was always a calm sovereign “No“.

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Where can I help?

For over 20 years I was part of the FCJG – Community and I always helped where most needed – regardless of whether or not I liked the work or was any good at it. Simultaneously I worked part time as a nurse and shared my life with others in living communities.

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God, we have to talk!

One day I sat in my chair talking to God – and I meant business. “We have to talk! I believe in you, the supernatural God. My life is not supernatural at all. Something is not right. Something has to change. I don’t know how it can happen. Please, you have to do something“. And then nothing happened – for the time being.

A few months later the first steps of faith came. Investing money into missions, that I don’t have and trusting God to provide it in due time? I did it. And God came through with the finances. No doubt about it.

I started telling more and more people at work about Jesus and I took time to pray for them. Simultaneously I was yearning to live a more intense spiritual life that had to be out there for me. The stories in the bible and biographies of faith-filled Christians were plenty evidence to me. Again I prayed earnestly: “God, I want to walk with you more closely. Please change my life around. I’m open to ANYTHING. Even for that which I can’t even imagine.”

Formed in heaven

By this time I was 47 years old, had worked 25 years as nurse and had gotten rooted into many relationships in Lüdenscheid. Suddenly I got a request that simply must have been formed in heaven – to become staff in our branch of HELP International Vienna. No, I would not be able to work a normal job to earn money, because they need me full time. But I wouldn't need to worry about the finances, because God will take care.
God’s yes for Vienna came clearly, uncomplicated and quickly. A few days later I quit my job and four months later I moved to Vienna.

It's worth it

Now, six years later, I lead our HELP-FCJG Vienna Ministry. I get to see that God is a supernatural God, to whom all things are possible. It is well worth it to ask him, to wait, and when he speaks, to obey without delay. There is no better life than to walk through the paths he paves.

Veronika von Bernuth

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